Niners July 2021 Golf Results

Jim Wegman, Publicity

The high heat is here, and the Niners are playing through it. Frozen water bottles and sunblock should be stocked in every cart. A frozen washcloth or Frog Towel is always welcome in this heat for a mid-round wipe down. Don’t forget to pre-hydrate the evening before play, drink water or a sports beverage on every hole, and reapply sunblock after a cool wipe down.

We have a new member. Gentlemen, let’s welcome John Butch Bosselli to the Niners.

Winners: 7/1/21 Lone Ranger Sonoran. 1st Tom Reale, Bob Deken, Pete Stein; 2nd Jerry Richards, Tom Bleier, Wayne Aarestad, Bill McConnell; 3rd (tie) Ron Betti, Gaylord Lind, Jim Wegman, Bill Bartoo and Jerry Vickery, Jordy Primack, Gary Russell; KPs #3 Bill MC Connell, #8 Lloyd Schaeffer, Jim Wegman

7/8/21 Best Ball 1 Gross 1 Net Lakes. 1st Bob Pender, Jim Campbell, Bill Flinn, Bruce Vantine; 2nd Lee Boudreau, John Ferrin, Pete Stein, Wayne Aarestad; 3rd Bill Pender, Mike Osborn, John Gaudioso, Jim Wegman; KPs #2 Bill Pender, Jim Janowski, #6 Bill Pender, Bill Flinn

7/15/21 Skins Palms. Teams: 1. Bill Pender, Lee Boudreaux; 2. Ron Betti, Jerry Richards, John Ferrin, Bill Whitely; 3. Larry Swanson, Mike Osborn; KPs #4 Bob Deken, Lee Boudreaux, #7 Bill Pender, Jim Daleo

7/22/21 2 Best Net Sonoran. 1st Tom Reale, Jack Cameron, John Gaudioso, Bill McDonnell; 2nd (tie) Jerry Richards, Dave Mork, Peter Gerdik, Jim Johnson and Dennis Clark, Wayne Aarestad; KPs #3 John Ferrin, Dennis Clark, #8 Bill Flinn, Tom Reale

7/29/21 Individual Stableford Lakes. Flight 1: 1st Tom Reale, 2nd Bill Pender, 3rd Lee Boudreaux; Flight 2: 1st Jim Campbell, 2nd (tie) Larry Swanson, Bill Whitely; Flight 3: 1st Greg Wells, 2nd Paul Feeney, 3rd Jim Janowski; Flight 4; 1st Bill McConnell, 2nd Renny Vowell, 3rd (tie) Jim Johnson, Bruce Vantine; KPs #2 Jim Janowski, Jerry Vickery, #6 Greg Wells

Rules Reminder: Lost or ball out of bounds. For a two-stroke penalty, a player may choose to drop a ball anywhere from the spot the ball was lost or out of bounds, to two club lengths into the fairway, no closer to the hole. Further rules can be found on the first page of the Niner’s website.

We will continue to observe lift, clean, and place through August, as the courses remain very wet and the grass is sparse in some areas. It is the player’s responsibility to know the rules and observe them during league play.

The tee times will have to continue. This allows the grounds crew enough time to ready the course for play. Staff shortages are an ongoing problem.