Niners July Golf Results

Jim Wegman, Publicity

The Niners golf league just keeps growing, so welcome our newest members Richard Katz and Neil Anderson. Tee it up, guys.

Just another timely reminder, our high heat levels can be very dangerous. One of our members experienced the effects of the heat after playing a few weeks ago. Be heat smart—cover up, hydrate, and use SPF on all exposed skin areas.

Winners: 7/6/23 Red White and Blue Sonoran. 1st Gregg Wells, Paul Wilde, Peter Gerdik, Mark Bernier; 2nd Jerry Richards, Tom Bleier, Gary Russell, Dennis Clark; 3rd Bob Pender, Jordy Primack, Bill Whitely; 4th Joe D’ Amore, John Schuler, Butch Bosselli, Richard Katz; KPs: #3 Jordy Primack, John Rolfe; #8 Tom Reale, Tom Bleier

7/13/23 Skins Lakes. By teams: 1 Bob Clark, Bill Pender, Bob Pender, Lee Boudreaux; 2 Mike Krol, Jerry Richards; 3 Joe D’Amore, Mark Bernier; 4 Jerry Pederson, Jordy Primack, John Schuler; 5 Jim Wegman, Jonathan Russell, Larry Swanson; 6 Jack Cameron, Gary Russell; 7 Paul Wilde, Pete Stein; 8 Peter Gerdik, John Gaudioso; 9 Jim Theobald; KPs: #2 Lee Boudreaux, Gary Russell; #6 Gary Russell, Bob Pender

7/20/23 Low Gross Palms. Flight 1: 1st Bob Pender; 2nd Bill Pender; 3rd Jerry Richards; Flight 2: 1st Larry Swanson; 2nd Ed Anderson; 3rd (T) Joe D’Amore, Jim Wegman Flight3 1st Jack Cameron; 2nd Greg Wells; 3rd(T3) Tom Bleier, Bob Deken, Mike Partridge; Flight 4: 1st Bill McConnell; 2nd Gary Russell; 3rd Pete Stein; KPs: #4 Jim Wegman; #7 Larry Swanson, Bob Pender

7/27/23 Low Net Sonoran. Flight 1: 1st Joe D’Amore; 2nd (T) Bob Pender, Jerry Richards; Flight 2: 1st Mark Bernier; 2nd (T3) Tom Bleier, John Rolfe, Larry Swanson; Flight 3: 1st Jack Cameron; 2nd (T) Jim Deleo, Mike Partridge; Flight 4: 1st Jim Theobald; 2nd (T) Peter Gerdik, Richard Katz; KPs: #3 Bob Pender, Gary Russell; #8 Jerry Richards, Larry Swanson

Hey guys, I know it is a bit early, but you may want to mark your 2024 March calendar to highlight the annual Hamilton High-Niners Play Day. As usual, we will have members of the Huskies Boys Golf Team, accompanied by Coach Steve Kanner, visit and team up with our members. As this is a fundraiser for the team, we hope you will make a generous contribution to help the boys get to those all-important tournaments. And, who knows, you may get to play with the next generation of PGA professionals.

The Hamilton Tournament has been a successful event for years, always under the direction of our current Board Secretary David Mork and will now be arranged by Game Manager Jerry Richards and Board Treasurer Bob Deken. Look for further details in upcoming columns.

Sadly, I must announce the passing of one of our longtime members, Bill Bartoo. Bill joined the Niners in 2008. Bill and wife Paula also played in the Nine Hole Couples for many years. Currently, we have no information regarding a service. We offer our heartfelt condolences to Bill’s daughter Michele and the Bartoo family.