Niners June results

Jim Wegman, Publicity

Membership is vital to our league, so I am happy to report the return of Don Powers, a former member, and the sign-up of our newest member, Lou Blas, recruited by Bill Bartoo. Thanks Bill and welcome to the league, guys.

On Monday, June 9 league member Mike Stewart, hit it straight and perfect scoring an Ace on Ironwood’s hole No. 10. Mike picked his trusty 8-Iron for this 115 yard shot, teed it up and let it go. The witnesses were league members Rich Funk, Mike Stegina and Jim Theobald who were happy to sign Mike’s card. Congratulations Mike, let’s hope you have many more.

Palms Course Renovation Update: Take a few minutes to sign on to the IronOaks web site and review the photos and notes associated with the Palms Course update. Eddy Renio, Charles Keys and the staff want to keep golfers informed about the work in progress on the Palms, but they also want to do it safely. The best way to stay informed is to take a photo tour.


06/06. Best Ball 3/4/5 – Sonoran: 1st Dennis Fisher, Jack Cook, Chuck Legorreta and Tom Thibodeau, 2nd Bill Bartoo, Mike Stegina and Mike Stewart; Sinkers: Max Black and Don Zimmer; Closest-to-the-Pin: No. 3 Jack Cook and No. 8 Bill Whitely

06/13. Skins-Lakes: Team 1: Ron Betti, Team 2: Mike Osborn, Team 3: Rich Funk and Chuck Legorreta, Team 4: Jerry Richards, Team 5: Mike Stewart, Team 6: Mike Stegina; Closest-to-the-Pin: No. 2 Dennis Clark and No. 6 Ed Allen

06/20. Best Balls 1 Gross/1 Net – Ironwood Back 9: 1st Jack Cook, Bill Bartoo, Bill Johnson and Jerry Meer, 2nd Bruce McCorkle, Len Dolins and Mike Stewart; Sinkers: Bernie Boston; Closest-to-the-Pin: No. 10 and No.13 Dave Peters

06/27. Fewest Putts – Sonoran: Flight A: Jack Cook, Dave Peters and Ed Allen, Flight B: Bob Deken, Rich Funk and Bill Becker; Sinkers: Max Black; Closest-to-the-Pin: No. 3 Bob Deken and No. 8 Dennis Fisher

Rules: Most golfers know that marking a ball with their unique sign or logo can prevent problems and a possible two stroke penalty for striking the wrong ball. However, there is another type of marking which may also prevent a penalty stroke from being added to your score. Rule 20-1, Lifting and Marking of the Ball and Rule 16-1.b General, explains the procedure to be used when marking a ball on the putting surface. Rule 20-1 and Note explains the type of object used to mark the position of the ball. The item is usually described as a ball marker; a small coin or other similar item placed immediately behind the ball. Using the butt end of a putter grip to mark the position of the ball is deemed a Rules violation under a decision of Rule 18-2a/33. When the golfer places the butt end of the grip down and rotates or otherwise touches or moves the ball, he incurs a one stroke penalty under Rule 18-2.