Niners May Golf Results

Jim Wegman, Publicity

We began a new two-course rotation on May 10 and a new start time of 7:30 a.m. Here is hoping the Lakes will be open again in early November.

Sadly, we have lost four former Niners. Although they were no longer active in the league, they were old friends and fellow golfers. Maurice “Moe” Beaudin, a good guy who always had a good day on the course. Our condolences to Patricia and the family. George Kanda, who made friends with every guy in his group and was fun to play a round with. Our condolences to Karen and the family. William “Bill” Holmes. Bill talked more about trucks, target shooting, and Long Island than golf, and we laughed through a lot of rounds. Our condolences to Madeline and all the Holmes family. Renny Vowell, a guy who knew many great jokes, shared them all, and was a pleasure to play golf with. Our condolences to Rene’ and all the Vowell family.

5/2/24 2 Best Balls Lakes. 1st Joe D’Amore, John Schuler, Steve Touchstone; 2nd (T) Jim Campbell, Dennis Martin, Mike Kozak, Ted Piotrowski/Lee Boudreaux, Al Metz, Bruce Vantine, Paul Baker; 4th (T) Bob Clark, Larry Munson, Rich Gihring, Tom Thibodeau/Bill Pender, Jerry Pederson, Peter Gerdik, Gary Russell; KPs: #2 Jim LaBarge, Larry Munson; #6 Mike Krol, Bill Whitely

5/10/24 Skins Palms. Winners by teams: (1) Bill Pender, Mike Krol, Bob Pender; (2) Jim Campbell, Bob Clark, Ed Anderson; (3) Don Fayfar, Jack Baur; (4) Jerry Richards, Jim Wegman, Rob Rudzinski; (5) Joh Walker, Jonathan Russell, Sam Whitlock; (6) Mark Bernier, Bruce Henderson, Nunzio Cusumano; (7) Pat O’Connell, Greg Wells, Mark Stoimenoff; (8) Bob Deken; (9) Alan Aken, Mike Partridge, Jim Janowski; (10) Jim Johnson; (11) John Gaudioso, Jim Theobald; KPs: #4 Jim Campbell, Pat O’Connell; #7 Mike Kozak Bill Pender

5/17/24 Individual Stableford Sonoran. Flight 1: 1st Jerry Richards; 2nd Jack Baur; 3rd Neil Anderson; Flight 2: 1st Jim Thompson; 2nd (T) Jerry Pederson, Larry Swanson; Flight 3: 1st (T) Dennis Clark, Jim Johnson; 3rd Bruce Vantine; Flight 4: 1st Ted Piotrowski; 2nd Jim Theobald; 3rd Jim Daleo; KPs: #3 Jim Johnson, Terry Simmons; #8 Terry Simmons, Dennis Clark

5/24/24 Team Stableford Palms. 1st Mike Krol, Paul Wilde, Jim Janowski; 2nd Joe D’Amore, Larry Munson, Bob Deken, Bill McConnell; 3rd Jim Wegman, Nunzio Cusumano, Stan Posey, Bill Whitely; 4th Ed Anderson, Mark Bernier, John Shuler, Don Lewis; KPs: #4 Larry Munson; #7 Lenny Dolins, Bill Pender

5/31/24 Low Net by Tee. White Tee: 1st Jim Campbell; 2nd Ed Anderson; 3rd Bill Pender; 4th Bob Pender; Gold Tee: 1st Paul Wilde; 2nd (T3) Tom Graves, Mike Partridge, Greg Wells; 5th (T5) Dennis Clark, Joe Damore, Mike Kozak, David Mork, Stan Posey; Silver Tee: 1st (T) Larry Munson, Bruce Vantine; 3rd (T4) Jack Baur, Lee Boudreaux, Jack Cameron, Bob Deken; KPs: #3 Joe D’Amore, Larry Swanson; #8 Larry Swanson, Jack Baur

The temperatures are climbing, so hit and git, and finish early. Lee Trevino’s words on slow play.