Niners November Golf Results

Jim Wegman, Publicity

Our winter residents are returning in droves, increasing the number of foursomes we are fielding each week. It is great to welcome back members from all over the USA and Canada.

Membership: The Niners have signed up some new members and a couple of returning members. Returning members: Nunzio Cusumano and John Rolfe. New members: Jon Deiter, Jim De Vinck, Donald Fayfar, Bob Gresen, Theodore Piotrowski, Jerry Pederson, Tom Walker, and Steven Stumpff. Welcome, guys.

Winners: 11/3/22 Scramble Lakes. 1st Greg Gustafson, Jim Coughlin, Larry Johnson, Al Metz; 2nd Butch Bosselli, Rich Gihring, Bob Deken, Tom Reale; 3rd Pete Stein, Paul Wilde, Bill Stoutenberg, Jim LaBarge; 4th Jim Wegman, Don Lewis, Jim De Vinck, Bill Pender; KPs: #2 Bill Whitely, Frank Pender; #6 Rich Gihring, Larry Johnson

11/10/22 Scramble Palms. 1st Rich Gihring, Paul Wilde, Jim Wegman; 2nd Joe D’Amore, Jack Baur, Jim Dawson, Jim Daleo; 3rd Butch Bosselli, Bill Stoutenberg, Jim Coughlin, Mark Bernier; 4th Bill Crump, Jim Janowski, Lee Boudreaux, Ernie Papacek; KPs: #4 Jim Daleo, Bill Pender; #7 Jerry Richards, John Schuler

Thanks to President Lloyd Schaeffer, Course Superintendent Ross Buckendahl, and Director of Golf Operations Eddy Renio, the Niners were able to return to the fairways with their carts on Nov. 17 with a 90 Degree rule in effect. Our members appreciated the early lifting of the Cart Path Only rule.

11/17/22 Two Best Net Balls Sonoran. 1st Lee Boudreaux, Bob Gresen, Steve Moody, Greg Gustafson; 2nd Jerry Richards, Rich Gihring, Paul Wilde; 3rd Terry Simmons, Len Dolins, Gary Russell, Jim Daleo; 4th Bill Flinn, Larry Munson, Jim Wegman; 5th (3-way tie) Larry Johnson, John Schuler, Butch Bosselli, John Gaudioso/Ron Rudzinski, Mike Partridge, Jim Johnson, Dave Moncrieff/Tom Reale, Paul Feeney, Jim Janowski, Gaylord Lind; KPs: #3 Jim De Vinck, Bill Flinn; #8 Tom Reale, Bob Gresen

11/24/22 Thanksgiving Day. The board members and chairmen of the Niners hope each of you enjoyed Thanksgiving Day with your family and friends and are looking forward to the holiday season. There was no league play on Turkey Day, but some members went looking for the odd birdie.

We hope you celebrated Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa with family and friends, making the days happy, bright, and memorable.

Our current board and the 2023 incoming board wish for you all a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2023 filled with fun and exciting times.

Rules. One of the most misunderstood rules in golf is the procedure for taking relief from the cart path. To be in the know, please review the recent email from Lloyd Schaeffer. The procedure is explained with easy-to-understand diagrams for right- and left-handed golfers facing the problem of a golf ball on the cart path.