Niners October Golf Results

Jim Wegman, Publicity

An old friend and longtime Niner, Bernie Boston, passed away in September. Bernie was the very definition of a gentleman golfer. We offer our deepest condolences to his wife LueVeda and members of the Boston family.

Winners 10/3/19 Schramble Palms. 1st Ron Betti, Jonathan Russell, Renny Vowell, Joe Lombardo; 2nd Bill Pender, Larry Swanson, Norm Noble, Len Dolins; 3rd Jerry Richards, Tom Bleier, John Gaudioso, Wayne Aarestad; 4th (tie) Bob Ludwig, Bruce Vantine, Jack Cook, Bob Deken; and Bob Pender, Bob Hiller, Jim Deleo, Gaylord Lind. Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 4 Jonathan Russell, No. 7 Ron Betti

10/10/19 Best Balls 1 Gross 1 Net Sonoran. 1st Lee Boudreaux, Bruce Vantine, Jack Cook, Lynn Thompson; 2nd Bob Pender, Mike Osborn, Jim Deleo, Gary Nessel; 3rd Bob Ludwig, Jim Johnson, Jordy Primack, Lou Blas; 4th (tie) Lloyd Schaeffer, Bill Whitely, Ed Werner; and Bill Pender, Paul Bobko, Peter Gerdik, Bill McConnell; 6th (tie) Ed Anderson, Bob Deken, Jim Wegman; and Ron Betti, Mike Macek, Norm Noble, Wayne Aarestad. Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 3 John Rolfe, No. 8 Lynn Thompson

There were only two tournament days in October due to the overseeding schedule.

The Niners membership roster is growing by leaps and bounds. Let’s welcome two new Niners sponsored by Lloyd Schaeffer: Merve Hedding and Mark Neilson. Well done, Lloyd. Jonathan Russell has sponsored a new member, Jim Campbell. Welcome to the Niners, Jim, and thanks, Jonathan. And welcome new members Russ Shurts and Bruce Folken. We are also welcoming George Kanda, sponsored by Murray Luther; Kenneth Wentland, sponsored by Larry Stadler; and Lawrence Munson, sponsored by Dennis Martin. Welcome to the Niners, George, Kenneth, and Lawrence and thanks, Murray, Larry, and Dennis. WOW, our league grew 15% this month!