Niners October golf results

Jim Wegman, Publicity

Let’s welcome our newest members Mel Moore, Jim Lamparski and Wally Linder. I did not have to recruit Mel; he found me. Jim stopped by the Niners table at the open house event, met Joe Sigillo and Lloyd Schaeffer and decided to join us. Wally was recruited by Bob Pender. Welcome to the Niners, Mel, Jim and Wally!

October has arrived, and our winter residents are slowly returning from cooler climes. Glad to see you safely back, guys.

Winners: 10/06/17 Low Net, Palms. Flight A: 1st Bob Pender, 2nd Lee Boudreaux, 3rd Frank Pender, 4th (tie) Lawrence Burke, Bill Pender, Lloyd Schaeffer; Flight B: 1st Bruce Henderson, 2nd David Mork, 3rd Jim Janowski, 4th (tie) Peter Gerdik, Bill Whitely, 6th (tie) Tom Bleier, Dennis Clark; Flight C: 1st Len Dolins, 2nd Jim Broich, 3rd Renny Vowell, 4th Mike Flannery, 5th (tie) Richard Funk, Mike Stewart; Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 4 Gary Nessel, No. 7 Dennis Manz

10/13 Best Balls Par 3-4-5 Lakes. 1st Bill Pender, Paul Bopko, Jim Broich, Wayne Aarested; 2nd (tie) Bruce McCorkle, Renny Vowell, Jim Wegman and Larry Burke, Jack Cook, David Mork, Bob Deken; 4th Frank Pender, Bill Whitely, Mike Stewart, Jim Theobald; 5th Lee Boudreaux, Norm Noble, Greg Sutton, Tom Thibodeau; Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 2 Jack Cook, No. 6 Bill Pender

The Oakwood Courses closed for overseeding on October 16, 2017. Niners resumed play on Thursday, November 9, 2017. Information regarding the remainder of 2017 play is on the Niners’ website.

Rules: We have reviewed some of the Rules of Golf in previous reports but, over time, we may have forgotten those rules. Here are two of the most commonly violated rules:

Rule 13.4 Grounding Club in a Hazard. You may not ground a club or use a hand to test the condition of the hazard, sand or water or in any similar hazard. No swings are permitted where the club head touches the sand or water. Penalty for breach of Rule 13.4 is two (2) strokes.

Rule 12.2 Identifying the Ball. It is always the player’s responsibility to play the correct ball. Marking the ball may help. Still in doubt? Need to lift a ball at rest for identification? Follow these easy steps: Announce to fellow competitors your intention to lift the ball for identification, and wait for the other golfers to observe the lifting and replacing. Mark the position of the ball in question, lift, identify and replace the ball. Do not clean the ball more than is necessary to make the identification. Penalty for breach of Rule 12.2 is one (1) stroke.

With the resignation of Joe Sigillo as vice president and game manager, I have, pursuant to the League’s Constitution and By Laws, appointed Bob Hiller to serve as vice president for the remainder of the current term. We will miss Joe as he relocates to New York. His service to this league spans many years, and we owe him a great debt for his tireless work. v