Niners October Results

The Niners golfers had a short month on the Oakwood courses due to the overseeding program. The grounds crew, under the direction of Superintendent Ross Buckendahl, had started on the Ironwood course and moved over to Oakwood in early October. A recent visit to some of the Oakwood holes revealed lots of great-looking turf and healthy greens.

There was no league golf on Oct. 6, 13, or 20.

League News: Ed Anderson, our incoming president, is working on a project to raise money for a good cause: a children’s hospital in Mexico. It is simple and low cost—just save all your plastic bottle caps and, after rinsing them off, bag them up and bring them to the Pro Shop when you check in.

The dues for 2023 have been set at $110. Please fill out the new form available online and drop off a check and the completed form in the Men’s Niners box in the Pro Shop. Dues are due by Dec. 31, 2022, to be eligible for play in January 2023. Getting your dues in early will help the treasurer prepare the budget for 2023. Our dues cover the weekly purse, league expenses, and the annual luncheon.

Leaving the Niners? Please let Lloyd know as soon as possible, as there is a waiting list for new members. And speaking of members, we are happy to welcome back an old member, Nunzio Cusumano, who recently returned from New York.

The 2023 play schedule can be found on the Niners website.

The annual IronOaks Golf Expo took place on Nov. 16 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Oakwood range. Lots of new gear, food, club try-outs, and fittings.

We have three new game managers who are currently undergoing training by VP Bill Pender. Many thanks to Jerry Richards, Mike Halleck, and Jack Bauer for stepping up.

Thanksgiving Day was Nov. 24, and, as usual, there was a shotgun time available for the Niners. It was an “official game.”

Winners: 10/27/22 Scramble Sonoran. 1st (3-way tie) Bill Flinn, Jim Coughlin, Dennis Clark/Bill Pender, Tom Bleier, Jim Dawson, Paul Wilde/Lloyd Schaeffer, Paul Feeney, Butch Bosselli, Bill McConnell; 4th (4-way tie) Jerry Richards, Len Dolins, Jim Wegman, Greg Wells/Lee Boudreaux, Lou Blas, Jim Janowski, Greg Gustafson/Ron Rudzinski, Jerry Vickery, Bill Whitely, Jim Theobald/Jon Deiter, Rich Gihring, Jim Newman, Peter Gerdik; KPs: #3 Jack Cameron, Ernie Papacek; #8 Tom Bleier, Jim Wegman

Gentlemen, we have lost another member. Sadly, Robert Burnside passed away. Bob was with us only a short time but always enjoyed his playdays with the guys. We offer our deepest condolence to Robert’s wife Gerry and all of the Burnside family members on Robert’s passing.