Niners Playday results

Jim Wegman, Publicity

We are just about half way through the Arizona summer and a recent playing partner of mine was forced to withdraw during a round due to the excessive heat. The heat just wore him out. There are some things we can and should be doing to protect ourselves from the heat. Let’s start by drinking water or a sports drink with electrolytes before we begin to play and continue to hydrate during the round. Apply an adequate coat of sunscreen before the round and reapply sunscreen during the round to maintain full coverage. Some golfers wear a broad brimmed hat to keep the sun off their ears, neck and face. A wipe down with a cool wet towel during the round can also help beat the heat.

Lakes renovation update: Hole No. 2 will offer a larger green to shoot at; and the removal of the right side bunker is being cheered by all the golfers. Hole No. 4 has a different look with the removal of the long left side fairway bunkers, but it will still be a challenge as there is a new left side fairway bunker further up ahead. The old left, greenside bunkers have been remodeled as well. Hole No. 5 has fewer bunkers now. The two right side fairway bunkers have been removed and a landing area has been created. This hole will still be tricky as there is a new left side fairway bunker to challenge golfers, but the expanded green will be receptive to well struck wedge and iron shots. Hole No. 6 should be well received by the golfers with the new tee locations and the major reduction and alteration to the right greenside guardian bunkers. Expect to see a lot more par opportunities on this hole. Look for additional updates on the Lakes Renovation in future columns.


7/02. Gross Score – Ironwood Front Nine: Flight A: Dennis Fisher, Dennis Manz and Jim Wegman; Flight B: Bill Whitely and Jordy Primack; Flight C: Mike Stegina and Jim Theobald; Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No.6 Jerry Vickery and No.8 Dennis Fisher; No sinker players for this date

7/09. Fewest Putts – Ironwood Back Nine: Let’s all congratulate Dennis Manz for his Eagle on Hole No. 14. Well done, Dennis; Flight A: Jerry Richards, Bill Whitely, Dennis Manz and Jordy Primack; Flight B: Mike Stewart, Bill Bartoo, Jack Cook, Joe Sigillo and Mike Stegina; Closest-to-the Pin Honors: No. 15 Dennis Fisher and No. 17 Jerry Vickery; Sinkers: (tie) Bernie Boston and Don Zimmer

7/16. Best Balls Par 3/4/5 – Ironwood Front Nine: 1st Doug Baker, Bill Whitely and Mike Stegina, 2nd Rich Funk, Jim Janowski and Bill Bartoo, 3rd Dave Peters, Bob Deken and Bill Johnson; Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No.6 Dave Mork, No.8 Rich Funk

7/23. Course closed for maintenance. No play.

7/30. Cha-Cha-Cha – Ironwood Back Nine: 1st Jim Broich, David Mork and Jim Janowski, 2nd Dennis Fisher, Mike Osborn and Doug Baker, 3rd Dave Peters, Dennis Clark and Jordy Primack; Sinkers: Bernie Boston; Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 17 and No. 10 for Jim Broich. Nice going, Jim!