Niners Results

Jim Wegman, Publicity

The League Championship started on Feb. 2, continued Feb. 9, and finished on Feb. 16. Congratulations to the winners: A Flight: Lloyd Schaeffer, B Flight: Tom Walker, C Flight: Gaylord Lind, D Flight: (tie) John Gaudioso and Jim Theobald. Well done, guys!

The great Arnold Palmer described the game of golf this way: “Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated.” We know that to be true.

Winners: 2/2/23 Best Balls 1 Gross 1 Net Palms. 1st Lloyd Schaeffer, Larry Swanson, Tom Walker; 2nd Bill Pender, Butch Bosselli, Larry Schuller, Bruce Vantine; 3rd Jim Campbell, Joe D’Amore, Gaylord Lind, Bob Greene; 4th (tie) Jon Deiter, Jonathan Russell, Stan Posey, Wayne Aarestad/Ron Rudzinski, Mike Michelson, Dennis Martin, John Gaudioso; 6th (tie) Larry Munson, Gary Russell, Greg Gustafson/Don Fayfar, Dick Negaard, John Schuler, Ted Piotrowski; KPs: #4 Butch Bosselli; #7 Jim Campbell, Nunzio Cusumano

2/9/23 2 Best Net Balls Sonoran. 1st Lloyd Schaeffer, John Schuler, Bob Deken, Jim Theobald; 2nd Jerry Richards, Jerry Vickery, Jim Wegman, Jim Newman; 3rd (tie) Terry Simmons, Larry Swanson, Jim Dawson/Bob Gresen, Stan Posey, Tom Walker, John Gaudioso; 5th Lee Boudreaux, Steve Touchstone, Bill Bartoo; 6th (3-way tie) Jim LaBarge, Dennis Martin, Paul Wilde/Ron Rudzinski, Len Dolins, Don Lewis, Bruce Vantine/John Rolfe, Jerry Pederson, Gary Russell, Greg Gustafson; KPs: #3 Lee Boudreaux, Jim Deleo; #8 Bob Gresen

2/16/23 Low Net Lakes. Flight 1: 1st Bob Gresen; 2nd Tom Reale; 3rd Joe D’Amore; 4th (tie) John Rolfe, Terry Simmons; Flight 2: 1st Dick Negaard; 2nd Larry Swanson; 3rd Bill Stoutenberg; 4th (tie) Tom Bleier, Butch Bosselli; Flight 3: 1st Bill Whitely; 2nd (tie) Jim Johnson, Gaylord Lind; 4th (tie) Jim Deleo, Jim Wegman; Flight 4: 1st Steve Touchstone; 2nd (tie) Bill Bartoo, Paul Wilde; 4th (tie) Ray Greenbush, Jim Theobald; KPs: #2 Don Fayfar, Gary Russell; #6 Terry Simmons, Stan Posey

2/23/23 Low Net Palms. Flight 1: 1st (tie) John Rolfe, Tom Walker; 3rd (6-way tie) Ed Anderson, Jon Deiter, Bill Pender, Tom Reale, Lloyd Schaeffer, Erich Tiepel; Fight 2: 1st (tie) Lou Blas, Larry Swanson; 3rd Mike Partridge; 4th (tie) Jack Baur, Bill Stoutenberg; 6th(tie) Butch Bosselli, Dennis Martin; Flight 3: 1st (tie) John Schuler, Bill Whitely; 3rd (tie) Jim Deleo, Jim Johnson; 5th Jim Coughlin; 6th (3-way tie) Bob Deken, Stan Posey, Jim Wegman; Flight 4: 1st Bruce Vantine; 2nd (tie) Ray Greenbush, Ted Piotrowski; 4th (tie) Greg Gustafson, Jim Theobald; 6th Peter Gerdik; KPs: #4 Mike Partridge; #7 Jon Deiter, John Gaudioso

Change of Sign-Up Day: At the March 1 membership meeting a vote was held to determine if there was an interest in changing the established sign-up day for league play. The sign-up will be extended to noon on Wednesday. This will provide the members an additional day to sign up for weekly play. It is hoped that this will reduce the last-minute calls to league officers and game managers by members. Once the sign-up is closed on Wednesday at noon, there will be no changes made to the pairings.