Niners results – April 2016

Jim Wegman, Publicity

Hey, we had some April showers and that could mean May flowers or more grass on the fairways. As summer draws closer, many of our winter golfers are packing their suitcases, loading the cars, closing the house and heading out. Some of our members have already left for the season. We wish them all well and safe travel. See you in the winter, guys.

We have some new members, so it’s time to officially welcome them; Moe Beaudin, John Gaudioso and Lloyd Scheaffer recruited by Jim Wegman and our most recent new member Lee Boudreaux. Welcome aboard guys.

Rules Cards: Director of Golf Eddy Renio has issued a new and very useful item for IronOaks golfers; an updated version of the local rules, tips and information for the Ironwood and Oakwood golf courses. If you have not received one, see Jim Wegman or ask at the desk in the Oakwood Pro Shop. This card should be carried in every golfer’s cart.


4/07. Low Net Lakes – Flight A: 1st Pat O’Connell, 2nd (tie) Jerry Vickery and Jerry Richards, 3rd Ron Rudzinski; Flight B: 1st Bill Slattery, 2nd (tie) Dave Peters, Bob Hiller and Jordy Primack; Flight C: 1st Joe Klouda and Bob Deken, 3rd (tie) Greg Sutton and Mike Stewart; Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No.2 Doug Baker, No. 6 Ron Rudzinsky

4/14. Skins Palms – Team 1: Ron Betti and Lloyd Schaeffer; Team 2: Jerry Richards; Team 3: Bob Hiller; Team 4: Patrick O’Connell; Team 5: Joe Lombardo; Team 6: Lynn Thompson; Team 7: Nick Angele; Team 8: Bill Becker and Len Dolins; Team 9: Doug Baker and Mike Stewart; Closest-to-the Pin Honors: No 4 Jordy Primack, No. 7 Lloyd Schaeffer

4/21. Two Best Net Balls Sonoran: 1st Bruce McCorkle, Dave Bauer, Jordy Primack and Len Dolins, 2nd Ron Rudzinski, Mike Osborn, Nick Angele and Mike Stewart, 3rd Jerry Richards, Larry Johnson, Bob Melhuish and Renny Vowell; Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 3 Greg Sutton, No. 8 Jerry Vickery

4/28. Best Balls One Gross One Net Lakes: 1st Lloyd Schaeffer, Dave Mork, John Gaudioso and Joe Sigillo, 2nd Bruce McCorkle, Bob Melhuish and Mike Stegina, 3rd Jerry Vickery, Renny Vowell, Bill Lacey and Bill Becker; Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: Nos. 2 and 6 won by Lloyd Schaeffer. This was a tough play day due to a combination of early morning showers, lower temperatures for Arizona at this time of year, and very high wind gusts. Well done guys.

Ironwood Closing: The Ironwood course will close May 9 and the Oakwood Niners will experience a larger number of golfers every day. Expect to see crowded shot gun starts and slower play. This increased number of golfers and course closings will affect the Niners’ Thursday play schedule. Initially all three nine hole courses will be in play with IMGA and the MOGA on the courses at the same time we are. The Niners began an earlier starting time; 7:30 a.m. on May 5. There will be further changes in time and day of play as we move into June, July and August. Keep checking the schedule to stay informed of any last minute changes.