Niners Results June 2022

Jim Wegman, Publicity

The Thursday field is shrinking, and the temperatures are getting higher, so it is more important than ever to keep the game moving along. No one wants to be waiting in a fairway as the mid-morning heat closes in. Let’s try to play Ready Golf and finish the round as close to two hours as possible.

Our league is attracting new members all the time, and thanks to John Schuler and Peter Gerdik, we are welcoming Paul Wilde.

Winners: 6/2/22 Shramble Sonoran. 1st Paul Bopko, David Mork, Bruce Vantine, Jim Wegman; 2nd (tie) Ron Betti, John Schuler, Gaylord Lind, Bill Crump and Tom Reale, Bill Whitely, John Gaudioso; KPs: #3 Mark Bernier, Bill Whitely; #8 Larry Swanson, Bill Whitely

6/9/22 Cha Cha Cha Lakes. 1st Bill Pender, Greg Wells, Larry Schuller, Wayne Aarestad; 2nd (tie) Jerry Vickery, Bruce Henderson, Jim Daleo and Lloyd Schaeffer, Jim Janowski, Bob Deken, Gary Russell; KPs: #2 Lloyd Schaeffer, Jim Wegman; #6 Lloyd Schaeffer, Butch Bosselli

6/16/22 Fewest Putts Palms. Flight 1: 1st Ed Anderson, 2nd Jim Campbell, 3rd Ron Betti; Flight 2: 1st Jim Janowski, 2nd John Schuler, 3rd Jack Cameron; Flight 3: 1st Bill McConnell, 2nd Jim Johnson, 3rd John Gaudioso; Flight 4: 1st Bruce Vantine, 2nd Gary Russell, 3rd (tie) Butch Bosselli, Peter Gerdik; KPs: #7 Tom Belier, Lloyd Schaeffer

6/23/22 Low Net by Tee. White tee: 1st (tie) Jerry Richards, Lloyd Schaeffer; Gold tee: 1st Wayne Aarestad, 2nd Tom Bleier, 3rd (tie) Butch Bosselli, Tom Reale; Silver tee: 1st Bob Deken, 2nd Jim Wegman, 3rd (tie) Larry Schuller, Bill Whitely; KPs: #3 Dennis Clark, Tom Reale; #8 Bob Deken, Lee Boudreaux

6/30/22. No organized league play. Lakes course was closed for clean-up and repairs due to storm damage.

Pace of Play. Playing at a better pace is not about rushing the game but, rather, being more efficient with your time. Bob Deken, our friendly rules chair, suggests we try to play more efficiently. There is no established order for teeing off. Get to the tee and hit when ready. In the fairway, your pre-shot routine should be short: Check the distance, plan your shot, and draw your club. The goal is to get the next shot off in around 20 seconds.

When your ball is on the green, mark it and check the line. If you have putted and are “close to the cup, finish up.” We do not observe the “honors rule.”

If you are using a disability flag, try to be the first to tee off and try to putt out and return to your cart. Wait until you reach the next tee box to record the scores. Keep up with the group in front of you. The ideal position is just behind the group in front, not just in front of the group behind. Lee Trevino said it best: “Hit and Git.”