Niners results – June

Jim Wegman, Publicity

The Lakes renovation project is progressing well and many of the slanted, crowned or concave tee boxes have already been stripped and leveled. Some very detailed rehabilitation work is being done to a number of the old, badly deteriorated greenside and fairway bunkers. Some positive features that will be welcome news to our golfers: a number of the greens have been expanded and reshaped and the Better Billy Bunker System will be installed in all of the renovated bunkers. Check out the IronOaks website for the latest pictures and descriptions of the work in progress. Just one more reminder: the Lakes course is still a construction area and residents are prohibited from entering this area.

Note: The Ironwood course was closed for maintenance on Thursday, June 4. Our schedule resumed on June 11. The Ironwood course is scheduled to close for maintenance on July 20 and reopen on July 24. There will be no league golf on July 23. Keep current on changes in our schedule by checking our website.


06/11. Skins – Ironwood Back Nine: Team 1 Mike Stewart, team 2 Jack Cook, Mike Stegina, team 3 Jim Janowski, team 4 Mike Osborn, Dave Peters and Jim Wegman, team 5 Jerry Meer, Team 6 Ed Allen and Bob Deken; Sinkers: Bill Whitely; Closest-to-the-Pin: No. 10 Mike Stegina, No. 13 Joe Sigillo

6/18. Two Best Net Balls – Ironwood Front Nine: 1st Dennis Manz, Bob Deken and Jim Janowski, 2nd Jerry Richards, Dave Peters and Dennis Clark; Sinkers: Don Zimmer and Bernie Boston; Closest-to-the-Pin: No. 6 Jerry Richards, No. 8 Ron Betti

06/25. Best Ball One Gross, One Net – Ironwood Back Nine: 1st Dennis Fisher, Len Dolins and Jerry Stadler, 2nd Ed Allen, Dave Peters and Jim Theobald, 3rd Jim Wegman, David Mork and Rich Funk; Sinkers: Bill Whitely; Closest-to-the-Pin: No. 10 Dennis Clark and No. 13 Dennis Fisher

New game manager: Long-time member Mike Stegina has volunteered to become a game manager. Mike will begin his duties in July. Thanks Mike, we appreciate the effort.

Let’s welcome our newest member, Joe Klouda. Some of you may know Joe from the Ironwood Men’s League. Welcome aboard Joe.

Rules Reminder: As we will be playing at Ironwood for the next few months, it is important to be aware of a few of the local rules for the course. On Hole No. 10 the front left drop area is available for players who have hit into the water from the tee box; Hole No. 15 has a front left drop area for players who have hit into the water from the tee box; and on Hole No. 17 you may take free relief from a ball in the large rocked drainage area located behind the 17th green and the cart path. In order to obtain that free relief you must find your ball in the rocked drainage area. If you do not find your golf ball you must proceed under the lost ball rule.