Niners results – September 2015

Jim Wegman, Publicity

Let’s welcome back our winter golfers. Folks have closed up their summer cottages and park models and are back in Sun Lakes for the season. Our mid-western members have packed up their cars made the long drives and are returning weekly. Our play lists are starting to increase and it is good to see those friendly faces once again.

Joe Lombardo knocked it stiff with an Ace on September 5 at Palo Verde golf course. Using his trusty seven-iron, Joe made a perfect 113 yard shot tee-to-hole. Congratulations Joe, well done.


9/03. Five Best Balls Par 3-4-5 Ironwood Front Nine – We had a rare team 1st place tie: Mike Stegina, Dave Bauer and Bill Becker tied with Jordy Primack, Len Dolins and Mike Stewart. We also had a rare 2nd place tie: Jack Cook, Dave Peters and Bob Deken tied with Doug Baker, David Mork and Bill Whitely; Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 4 Dave Peters, No. 8 Bill Whitely.

9/10. Two Best Net Balls Ironwood Back Nine – 1st Ron Betti, Jim Wegman and Joe Lombardo, 2nd Bill Whitely, Jim Janowski and Len Dolins, 3rd Bill Flinn, Mike Stewart and Joe Sigillo; Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 10 Len Dolins, No. 17 Jim Wegman; Sinkers: Bernie Boston.

9/17. Best Balls Par 3-4-5 Ironwood Front Nine – 1st Dave Peters, Dennis Clark, Tom Thibodeau and Doug Baker, 2nd Ron Betti, Mike Osborn and William Backer; Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 4 Dennis Clark, No. 8 Jack Cook; Sinkers: Don Zimmer

9/24. Low Net Palms – Flight A: 1st Mike Osborn, 2nd David Mork; Flight B: 1st (tie) Lynn Thompson and Dave Bauer, 2nd (three man tie) Bob Deken, Dennis Clark and Doug Baker; Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 4 Lynn Thompson, no winner on No. 7; Sinkers: Don Zimmer. We had a guest player paired with Ron Betti today. Chuck Legorreta came out for a fast nine holes. It was good to see Chuck on the course again.

We returned to Oakwood to resume our regular golf schedule on Thursday, October 29. The cart path only policy will be in effect for 21 days after reopening.

Welcome back luncheon: We have reserved Thursday, November 19 for this annual event. Details to follow.

On September 29, I suffered a major medical event that required emergency surgery. I am happily able to say that the three hour surgery was a success but not without some side effects: no golf for a minimum of six, probably eight weeks. The usual post-surgery rules. Calls, cards, offers to help, and e-mails overwhelmed us. I thank you all for now, and will do so in person as soon as I can.