Niners September Golf Results

Jim Wegman, Publicity

The mornings are getting cooler; the sun rises later and sets earlier. These are sure signs that our golf course overseed program has begun. Superintendent Ross Buckendahl and his crew are preparing to dig in and change the courses to winter grass. And in a few weeks, we will begin to see the return of our winter visitors. Members have been away for months, and the cooler temperatures in other places will soon convince them to head home to IronOaks.

As the overseed period ends for each course, there will be restrictions for cart path only access. This practice has been in effect for 20-plus years, and all golfers are urged to comply with the restrictions for the protection of the course. A better, fairer-playing course during the golf season starts with protecting the new grass after overseed.

Winners 9/5/19 Cha Cha Cha Lakes. 1st Jim Janowski, Jim Deleo, Jordy Primack, Peter Gerdik; 2nd (tie 3) Jerry Richards, Jim Broich, Jonathan Russell, Bill Whitely; Bob Pender, Len Dolins, Jim Theobald; and Ron Betti, Greg Wells, Pete Stein, Luther Murray. Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 2 Bob Pender, No. 6 Jim Wegman.

9/12/19 Fewest Putts Palms. Flight 1: 1st Bob Pender, 2nd Lloyd Schaeffer, 3rd Ron Betti; Flight 2: 1st Jerry Richards, 2nd (tie) Gregg Wells, David Mork; Flight 3: 1st Jim Wegman; 2nd (tie 3) Len Dolins, Bruce Henderson, Don Lewis; Flight 4: 1st Gary Nessel, 2nd Norm Noble, 3rd Bruce Vantine. Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 4 Gary Nessel, No. 7 Lloyd Schaeffer.

9/19/19 Skins Sonoran. Team 1: Bill Pender, Bob Pender, Lloyd Schaeffer, Ed Anderson; Team 2: Jerry Richards, Jim Janowski, Jerry Vickery; Team 3: John Rolfe, Jonathan Russell, Tom Bleier; Team 4: Dave Mork, Paul Bopko, Gregg Wells; Team 5: Jim Broich, Jordy Primack, Peter Gerdik; Team 6: Mike Stewart, Jim Deleo, Jim Wegman; Team 7: John Gaudioso, Larry Schuller; Team 8: Ed Werner, Wayne Aarestad, Norm Noble; Team 9: Bill McConnell; Team 10: Bill Whitely, Jim Theobald, Bruce Vantine; Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 3 Bill Pender, No. 8 Ed Anderson.

9/26/19 Two Best Net Balls Lakes. 1st Terrill Simmons, Bob Hiller, Bruce Vantine, Luther Murray; 2nd Jim Janowski, Larry Burke, Wayne Aarestad; 3rd Bob Pender, Jim Deleo, Norm Noble, Jim Theobald. Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 2 Lee Boudreaux, No. 6 Lloyd Schaeffer.

Some of our members play in other leagues where a short putt may be conceded and the stroke counted as made. The Niners have to hole it out, which means “no gimmes.” Requesting or accepting a “gimme,” at any distance, is a violation of the Rules. The practice of conceded putts is fine for pick-up games or when the players agree to it as part of their regular play.