Niners September Golf Results

Jim Wegman, Publicity

The number of Thursday players is finally beginning to rise, and autumn is on the way, even if our temperatures are still acting like summer.

Membership: We have another new member. Welcome, Tom Graves, to the league.

Winners: 9/7/23 Skins Sonoran. Winners by team: 1) Jim Campbell, Bob Clark; 2) Tom Reale, John Rolfe; 3) Bill Flinn, Richard Katz; 4) Tom Bleier, Jerry Pederson; 5) Larry Swanson, John Schuler; 6) Butch Bosselli, Jack Cameron, Jim Janowski; 7) Paul Wilde, Jim Johnson; 8) Pete Stein, Bruce Vantine; 9) John Gaudioso, Bill Whitely; KPs: #3 Mark Bernier, Larry Swanson; #8 Stan Posey, Bob Clark

9/13/23 Team Stableford Lakes. 1st Richard Russell, Tom Bleier, Larry Schuller, Sam Whitlock; 2nd Joe D’Amore, John Schuler, Jack Cameron, Bill Whitely; 3rd Neil Anderson, Richard Katz, Ted Piotrowski; 4th Jim Campbell, Bill Flinn, Pete Stein, Bruce Vantine; KPs: #2 Mark Bernier, Bob Clark; #6 Lee Boudreaux, Tom Bleier

9/21/23 Individual Stableford Palms. Flight 1: 1st Jerry Richards, 2nd Jim Campbell, 3rd Neil Anderson; Flight 2: 1st Joe D’Amore, 2nd Jonathan Russell, 3rd Mark Bernier, 4th Larry Swanson; Flight 3: 1st Mike Partridge, 2nd Sam Whitlock, 3rd (tie) Tom Bleier, Greg Wells; Flight 4: 1st Ted Piotrowski, 2nd Bill Whitely, 3rd Bruce Vantine, 4th (tie) Jim Daleo, John Sweitzer; KPs: #4 Mike Partridge, Jim Campbell; #7 Jim Campbell, Joe D’Amore

9/28/23 Shramble Sonoran. 1st Mark Bernier, Jim Janowski, Gary Russell, Larry Schuller; 2nd (tie) Neil Anderson, Larry Swanson, Jack Cameron, John Sweitzer/Lee Boudreaux, Paul Wilde, Butch Bosselli, Bob Deken; 4th John Rolfe, Ed Anderson, Richard Katz, Jim Theobald; KPs: #3 Bill Flinn, Jim Johnson; #8 John Gaudioso, Neil Anderson

The time to arrive in the parking lot is 15 minutes prior to the start of the shotgun. Arriving at 8 a.m. may delay our start time.

Cart Path Only After Overseeding. The Oakwood courses closed for overseeding on Oct. 9. When they reopen for play on Nov. 2, it will be Cart Path Only (CPO). This makes it difficult for some of our members. The Pro Shop staff has also advised us that there will be no handicap flags available for the three weeks of Cart Path Only. This will not be a problem for the Niners this year. A new, informal tee box will be created for the three weeks of CPO play. Thanks to a great idea from one of our game managers, Bob Clark, we will be playing from a selected location approximately 130 yards from the greens and as close as possible to the cart path. The holes will be played as par 3s. When arriving at a hole, players will find red-colored pylons marking the tee box. Par 3 holes on the courses being played may be played from the silver tees if they are within these guidelines.

Reminder: Handicap flags permit members to drive on the courses, but the carts must stay 10 yards (30 feet) from the greens, as per course rules. Driving on par 3 fairways is discouraged.