It’s not all about golf for the Cottonwood Lady Niners

After a hot game the ladies are cooling down in Cottonwood Bar and Grill.

After a hot game the ladies are cooling down in Cottonwood Bar and Grill.

Diana De Pree

A wonderful fun golf season for organized play has come to a close for the Cottonwood Lady Niners.

The ladies have established and nourished new, as well as old friendships and are always ready to embrace more into their club.

Some of the Niners have chosen to challenge the summer months with unorganized play on Thursday mornings. Anyone interested can contact Diana De Pree at 480-895-4439 for information.

The weather was not too hot to have a Winners Circle and a cold drink afterwards to laugh and celebrate.

Hats off to the following:

5/05. Select-a-Drive – Flight 1: 1st Lila Ritchie, 2nd (tie) Bennie Marie Beaumont, Nancy Gehlbach and Sue Doyl, 3rd: Mille Hague; Flight 2: 1st Judy Mora, 2nd Bette Lu Buchanan, 3rd Diana De Pree; Flight 3 1st Jerry Jordan, 2nd (tie) Cathy Kinnick, Dixie McQuaid and Judy Wolfstich, 3rd Lane Kemper; Flight 4: 1st Donna Royle, 2nd: Mary Ann Loren, 3rd (tie) Judy Nicely and Patti Landry

5/12. Three Clubs and a Putter – Flight 1: 1st (tie) Nancy Gehlbach and Judi Mora, 2nd (tie) Sue Doyl and Rachelle Wilson; Flight 2: 1st Lane Kemper, 2nd Jerry Jordan, 3rd Judy Howell; Flight 3: 1st Patti Landry, 2nd (tie) Donna Royle and Shirley Trusal

5/19. Odd Holes – 1st Bennie Marie Beaumont, 2nd (tie) Nancy Gehlbach and Rachelle Wilson, 3rd Donna Walgren; Flight 2: 1st Kathy Bushbaum, 2nd (tie) Cathy Kinnick and Pattie Seiberling, 3rd Diana De Pree; Flight 3: 1st (tie) Lorri Morgan, Judy Nicely, Shirley Trusal and Judy Wolfstich

5/26. T’s and F’s – Flight 1: 1st (tie) Bennie Marie Beaumont, Sue Doyl, Donna Walgren and Rachelle Wilson, 2nd (tie) Nancy Gehlbach and Judi Mora; Flight 2: 1st Jerry Jordan, 2nd (tie) Diana De Pree, Molly Gott, Cathy Kinnick, Pattie Seiberling and Judy Wolfstich; Flight 3: 1st Shirley Trusal, 2nd (tie) Patti Landry, Lorri Morgan, Judy Nicely and Susan Rathbun

See you in November!