November Cottonwood Men’s Golf Association Results

Buddy Meola

Nov. 5 was the last chance to qualify for the 2022 Ace of Aces tournament, which was played in December. The low gross and low net scores from each flight qualified.

Blue Flight: Low Gross Steven Bennett, Low Net Jim Rumpler

White Flight 1: Low Gross Timothy Mandt, Low Net Bob Kish

White Flight 2: Low Gross Gary Hunnel, Low Net James Grube

White Flight 3: Low Gross Jack Hopkins, Low Net Lee Brechtel

Green Flight: Low Gross Ernest Soczka, Low Net Bob Hicks

Twelve teams from Cottonwood and Sun Lakes Men’s Associations played a Home and Home competition with play at Sun Lakes Golf Course on Nov. 10, and Cottonwood Golf Course on Nov. 12. The men from Sun Lakes had a good day on the 10th and held a 23 to 13 lead. The Cottonwood men couldn’t overcome this lead and lost the two-day event by a score of 41 to 31.

On Nov. 12 the CMGA also had a flighted low gross/low net competition for those not playing in the Home and Home event.

Blue Flight: Low Gross Tom Kastelitz, Second Low Gross Steven Bennett, Low Net Lowell Hargrove, Second Low Net Sam Selby

White Flight 1: Low Gross James Dickie, Second Low Gross Lee Lightfoot, Low Net James Grube, Second Low Net (tie) Pat Pennington and Buddy Meola

White Flight 2: Low Gross Doug Friesen, Second Low Gross Jim Fergal, Low Net Duane Peyton

Green Flight: Low Gross Bill Score, Low Net James Kay

Nov. 19 was a Pick Your Partner One Low Net Score event flighted by the team’s total handicap. Forty-six teams were divided in three flights.

Blue Flight: Low Team Score: David Reap and Don Vock; Second place (tie): Jack Goyer and Jason Burger/Don Klien and Bill Moore

One White Flight: Low Team Score: Steven Steinhilber and Michael Kopacz, Second place: Ron Vail and Ray Osborne

Two White Flight: Low Team Score: (tie) James Dickie and Bill Score, Low Team Score: (tie) Jeff Sedlack and Stephan Gentzkow

Nov. 26 was the challenging Cha Cha Cha team competition, which uses one net score on hole one, two net scores on hole two, and three net scores on hole three. This scoring is repeated for the final 15 holes.

Lowest Total Team Score: Neal Lordos, James Werlinger, Craig Christianson, Duane Peyton; Second Total Team Score: (tie) Marcus Steinhausser, Buddy Meola, Don Decleene, Terry Cronin/Steve Lowe, Paul Homan, Rich Burlingame, Bill Edwards/Martin Oerter, William Moore, Bob Kaczmarek, Bill Score

December events included the 2022 Ace of Aces two-day finals, the two-day Leisure World Home and Home, a match play competition with competitors chosen by the Pro Shop, a four assigned hole individual competition, and two-man team select a drive low gross/low net event.