Oakwood 18 Hole Couples golf

Stephanie Higgins

November 13 was the first event of the season for the league; we played a Four Ball Scramble. The results: 1st Barb and Paul Dinardo, Joan and John Triplett, 2nd Lorraine and Don Blair, Janet and Paul Beeks, 3rd Debbie and Larry Horner and Jan and Mike Skibo.

KP Palms No. 4 John Colosimo, KP Palms No. 7 Don Blair, KP Lakes No. 2 Betty Lauer, KP Lakes No. 6 Dolly Eide. This event total: Ladies 2, Men 2; YTD totals: Ladies 2, Men 2.

LP Palms No. 8: Paul Beeks, LP Lakes No. 8: Jack Lehmkuhl. This event total: Ladies 0, Men 2; YTD totals: Ladies 0, Men 2.

The next event was November 27. We played a Four Ball Two Low Net game. The Results: Flight A: 1st (tie): Norma and Lee Tucker, Shirley and Larry Weaver, Colleen and Bill Duke and Leanne and John Durham, 3rd Beverly and Glenn Grimes and Jan and Jerry Hanson; Flight B: 1st Barb and Paul Dinardo and Dolly and Doc Eide, 2nd Karen Stock and Dave Thomas and Julie and Arnie Hastings, 3rd Lorraine and Don Blair and Sharon and Al Bowditch.

KP Palms No. 4 Judy Darnell, KP Palms No. 7 Sharon Bowditch, KP Sonoran No. 3: Bev Grimes. This event totals: Ladies 4, Men 0; YTD totals: Ladies 6, Men 2.

LP Palms No. 1 Barb Dinardo, LP Sonoran No. 5 Steve Day; this event totals: Ladies 1, Men 1; YTD totals: Ladies 1, Men 3.

Events are a 12:30 p.m. shotgun. Cost is $34 a couple (which includes meal chits). Checks should be payable to OCGL2 and dropped in the Couples Box at the Oakwood Pro Shop to constitute registration for a league event. The deadline for registering for any event is noon on Saturday preceding that event.

Please visit the Oakwood Couples website at www.oakwoodcouplesgolf.com where you will find membership information requirements, application procedures, event schedules, menus and rules. You may also contact Gregg Heinemann at 206-909-3660 or like our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/OakwoodCouplesGolf18Hole.