Oakwood 9-hole Couples League

The Oakwood Nine Hole Couples League has as its motto: Fellowship, good food and drink and by the way golf. Our goal is to have a good time every other week.

Our last event was Friday, January 30. Although our President invoked an executive order for the rain and cold to cease and desist, his order was ignored.

Our spirits, however, were not dampened. We had a fun evening with dinner, drinks, fellowship and some well intended humor. Awards are distributed with each event even when rained out!

Our group this year is one of the largest in the history of our league. We play every other Friday at 2:00 p.m. at Oakwood. We encourage you to check out our website below if you want to join us to accomplish our mission statement.

Officers for this year are: President Lou Giallonardo, Vice President John Gaudioso and Treasurer and Webmaster Lloyd Schaeffer.

Visit our website at http://oakwood9holecouples.wix.com/oakwood-9h-couples.