Oakwood Artists’ League news

Susan Plouzek

Summer is once again upon us! Where does the time go? Winter friends are returning, or have returned, back to their traditional homes.

We have had several new artists join OAL this past spring. As of this writing, our membership has increased to 39 members. Some of our members are moving away; you have left your mark on our hearts. We wish you all the best!

Some of us will be traveling during the summer months and some will stay close to home. Be sure to have a sketchbook and pencil with you. There are sketchbooks that fit in a pocket or purse easily. Practice your drawing skills. Draw things that interest you or something that is new or fascinating to you. It’s always nice to carry along a camera, but drawing will help you remember the moment in the canyon that was breathtaking, the unusual wildflower, the big old tree, the restful deck chair, or rain in the city (you’ll be able to smell it, if you draw it). Maybe you’ll be inspired to start drawing a whole series! Isn’t the world a beautiful and interesting place? It is said that we are only limited by our imaginations. I believe this to be true.

On the business side, we have been updating our biography binder. If you have not submitted yours, please print up a brief biography in pdf format and two or three four inch x six inch sample jpeg photos of your work at 300 dpi. If you need help with this or have questions contact Mary Van Deman.

Happy drawing!