Oakwood Couples 18 Hole  Golf League

Officers representing the Oakwood Couples League for 2018-2019 (left to right): Jim Ray, assistant treasurer; Mary Dyserth, VP; Duane and MJ Coking, treasurer and secretary; and Fred and Linda Smith, president

The purpose of our league is to have fun and meet people. All levels of golf skills are welcome. We are as much about relationships as we are about golf. This is a great way to meet other golfers. You do not have to live in Oakwood or in Sun Lakes to join.

We golf from early November until mid-May. We play every other Friday. We start at 12:30 p.m. After golf, we have dinner in the main dining room of the Oakwood Club. Most of the players stay and enjoy the dinner; however, it is not mandatory.

The cost is $30 for initial membership per couple. Each event costs $38 which includes dinner for two. If you have a golf membership for Oakwood, there are no further costs. If not, in addition, you must pay golf fees to the golf course. If you choose not to have dinner, the cost is $9 and golf fees if necessary.

To join our league, complete a membership application, have an active GHIN number and pay $30 annual membership fee per couple. For more details and to download the application, visit our website at www.oakwoodcouplesgolf.com.

Come join us! We look forward to meeting and playing golf with you.