Oakwood Lady Niners active during overseeding

OLNGA volunteers (left to right) Karen Kenyon, Sharon Gale and Suevonne Negaard.

OLNGA volunteers (left to right) Karen Kenyon, Sharon Gale and Suevonne Negaard.

Ann Rounthwaite

Because the Oakwood golf courses are over seeded in October, it is the only month of the year when members of the Oakwood Lady Niners Golf Association don`t play golf together. Hardy Lady Niners play non-league games during the summer. Then the number of players swells when organized league games begin in November. The 2015/2016 season starts November 3, so members are reminded to sign up on Chelsea to play.

Although its members couldn`t play golf at Oakwood, don`t assume the OLNGA was dormant during over-seeding. Members enjoyed a social event to keep in touch during their hiatus from golf, and Board members met to make plans for the winter.

On October 20 Lady Niners met for lunch at the Poolside Grill. It was an opportunity for those who played through the summer heat to catch up with returning snowbirds and with golfers who take the summer off. The big news was Joyce Parker`s hole-in-one on the third hole of the Sonoran course on August 19.

On October 19 members of the Executive Board met to discuss issues like sign-up procedures and cut-off times, tee times, scoring and payouts. While not necessarily exciting, details like this are important to ensure members and volunteers know what to expect and everyone feels they`ve been treated fairly and consistently. The 2015 Board includes President Julie Schneider, Vice President Barbara Stewart, Secretary Pattie Wigton, Treasurer Rachel Enloe, Game-of-the-day Chair Suevonne Negaard and Membership/Handicaps Chair Bonnie Tasch.

Standing committee chairs are: Pairings Sally Spangler and Sheila Bossio, Rules/Etiquette Karen Kenyon, Sunshine Carol Pontek, Publicity/Splash Ann Rounthwaite, Social Sharon Gale, Member/Guest Event Barbara Stewart and Susan Meer, Special Events Bonnie Tasch, AWGA Representative Margaret Johns, Birdies/Communications Kathy Chebuhar, Scoring Reggie Wegman (assisted by Maddie Walker), Webmaster Marcie Noble and Handbook Sally Spangler. These women devote countless hours to making the OLNGA work as a friendly and supportive league offering fun social events in addition to weekly golf games. Many of them have done so for years. They have earned our whole-hearted thanks for their unflagging efforts.

The Oakwood Lady Niners welcome golfers of all abilities, including novices interested in improving their games while learning golf rules and etiquette in a fun-filled environment. In addition to play by regular AWGA rules, it offers the option of teeing off from the 150 yard marker to those who want a shorter game. Rounds usually last two to two and a half hours and everyone is invited to have lunch together at the Poolside Grill afterwards. In addition, the social committee organizes several luncheons during the season. One of the best ways to get to know other golfers is to volunteer to help with OLNGA activities. If you’d like to join or get more involved in the league call Vice President Barbara Stewart at 480-883-3008.