Oakwood Lady Niners’ awards and plans for March

Julie Schneider, Bonnie Tasch, Fran Neumayr, Betty Perry, Susie Cook and Cora Lathom-Levensky receiving birdie pins.

Julie Schneider, Bonnie Tasch, Fran Neumayr, Betty Perry, Susie Cook and Cora Lathom-Levensky receiving birdie pins.

Ann Rounthwaite

The New Year brought surprises. On January 13 a low putts game on the Lakes course was actually rained out! Because it’s Arizona even those of us accustomed to wet weather elsewhere weren’t equipped with raingear. To most Niners’ astonishment, Kathy Chebuhar and Nancy Heberling played through the deluge and were awarded Pro Shop credits for their persistence as well as their putting. The rest of us enjoyed an early lunch at the Poolside Grill and were delighted with the rain check offered by the Oakwood Pro Shop.

No surprises on January 20. In a “low net on odd holes” game on the Palms the winners were Flight 1: 1st Bev Isley, 2nd Phyllis Madison and Suevonne Negaard, 3rd Cora Lathom-Levensky; Flight 2: 1st Sheila Bossio, 2nd Reggie Wegman and Karen Kenyon, 3rd Georgann Bell; Flight 3: 1st Clarisse Zornes, 2nd Julia Collier, 3rd new Niner Kay Blas

Next, on January 27 came a low net game on the Sonoran followed by a luncheon to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Golf results were Flight 1: 1st Phyllis Madison, 2nd Tuny O’Rourke and Pattie Partridge, 3rd Cora Lathom-Levensky and Karen Hanley; Flight 2: 1st Sheila Bossio, 2nd Helen Semple, Edna Joss and Regina Wegman, 3rd Pattie Lombardo and Barbara Stewart; Flight 3: 1st Clarisse Zornes, 2nd Ann Rounthwaite, 3rd Rachel Enloe

With help from Susan Meers and Madeline Walker, Social Chair Sharon Gale maintained the oriental theme with colorful decorations and a menu including Asian chicken salad and fortune cookies. The 2014 award winners were honored at the luncheon: Pat Stead and Phyllis Madison represented OLNGA in the State Medallion tournament coming second in their flight; Cindy Hilby was most improved golfer; and birdie pins were presented to Julie Schneider, Betty Perry, Fran Neumayr (two birdies), Susie Cook (two birdies), Bonnie Tasch (3 birdies) and Cora Lathom-Levensky (3 birdies).

February 3 brought a four/five scramble on the Lakes. 1st Tuny O’Rourke, Mary Jane Coking, Julia Collier and Dolly Giallonardo, 2nd Bev Isley, Barbara Stewart, Kathy Serold and Mary Lou Hays, 3rd Bonnie Tasch, Nancy Heberling, Fran Schuring and Rachel Enloe third. This game involved a scramble for five holes and the team’s lowest net on the rest. It required not only golf skills, but the mental acuity to remember when to play your own ball and when not to.

On second thought, it’s not surprising that a rainstorm didn’t stop Kathy Chebuhar from finishing her game. In her role as OLNGA Communications Chair for the last several years, Kathy has shown the same reliability and determination to get the job done. Originally from Iowa, she and her husband came to Sun Lakes from Ahwatukee. Since joining the Niners in 2000 Kathy has also served as Social and Handicaps Chairs. Having previously used her tremendous sense of responsibility, attention to detail, and efficiency to manage tariff filings for a telecommunications company, Kathy has applied those qualities to each OLNGA post. Now she keeps members informed and in touch. In addition, Niners know that if any task needs doing, they can ask Kathy. She will do it, and she’ll do it well.

The league’s overall Low Net champion and Low Gross Flight 1 winner, Kathy nevertheless values the social aspects of the OLNGA most. She warmly welcomes and supports new members and encourages others to participate in excursions to invitationals – a great way to get to know other golfers, leagues and courses better. Kathy also enjoys crafts – the stroke-counting beads she makes are very popular – and she and her husband “Cheb” are avid travelers who made more than a dozen trips last year to spots around the U.S. and in Europe.

The OLNGA is a friendly, supportive group, playing golf for fun and welcoming new members all year round. We play nine holes on Tuesday mornings and those who want to socialize lunch together afterwards. For information about the league call Barbara Stewart at 480-883-3008.

Upcoming dates to note:

On March 5 we’ve been invited to play with the Cottonwood Niners.

March 10 is our Member/Guest day, a fundraiser for Neighbors Who Care and A Perfect Place, offering breakfast, golf at 9:30 a.m. and lunch.