Oakwood Lady Niners Golf League

Who is that masked golfer?

Reggie Wegman

OLNGA had a successful Home and Home with our neighbors Cottonwood Ladies 9-Hole League. The weather was unsettled for the first few minutes but warmed up, and we finished the round in sunshine. It was a terrific turnout, and lots of fun was had. Thanks to the fellows at the Golf Club for helping with our visitors’ golf bags.

Our injured member is doing just great and making progress every day. She is very appreciative of all our cards and well wishes.

For our new members, I suggest you try to play in an outside invitational. It’s a great way to see other courses and meet new women golfers. Kathy Chebuhar is the chair of that committee. The invitations are posted on our board and by email, so please keep your eye out for a fun day.

A group of Lady Niners attended the Apache Wells Invitational. It was a cold, windy day, but the warm reception we received made up for the cold. The ladies put on quite the show. The theme was Mardi Gras. The breakfast, lunch, and prizes, were terrific. We all had a wonderful day and hope we are invited back.

Over the last two months, I have posted some facts regarding the lead-up to the Oakwood Lady Niners Golf Association. In 1996 the Oakwood golf clubhouse opened! An Invitational was held with the theme the “Fabulous Forties.” Twenty-four members attended. I do not have the list of the other clubs that played.

In 1997 the concept of Ready Golf was introduced. We are still fighting that battle. Please remember to be ready for your turn, take no more than two practice swings, mark your scorecards at the next tee, and replace your clubs at that time. Always have sand in your cart, and while waiting to hit, please fill a few divots. Remember, this is our course, and we want it to play and look great!

In 1998 an orientation chair was created to accommodate the surge in membership. Our vice president has that duty currently. Our vice president is Karen Graves, and if you have any questions for her regarding sign-up procedures or adding or cancelling golf, she is the one to ask.

By the time you read this, our Member-Guest will have taken place. Bonnie Tasch did a great job putting this event together. Please thank her when you see her.

The warmer weather is coming, so please be sure to bring a beverage with you for the golf game and take a sip every hole.