Oakwood Lady Niners Golf League

Pictured in front (right to left) are Barbara Stewart, Mary Medved, and Judy Hedding. In back is Dave, our starter.

Reggie Wegman

We have finally moved into our warmer weather. Tee times are moved back to 8 a.m. starting in May. So, set your alarm clocks to give yourself enough time for your coffee, etc. And be sure to have a beverage in your cart or bag. Dehydration strikes quickly, and most of the time, it’s avoidable.

Our terrific team of gals who do our pairings every week will have off for the next four months, as we start casual play in June. You will not receive an email with pairings for the week. A notice with sign-up procedures will be sent out. Please read and follow the procedure to sign up. No chits are paid during this time.

Barbara Stewart, Mary Medved, and Judy Hedding are the wonderful ladies who do the pairings tirelessly all year. I believe pairings is one of the hardest jobs in the league. Their patience and organizational skills are remarkable.

A league is only successful when the members volunteer to keep the league running smoothly. Joining a committee is a great way to meet people and understand the work and time necessary to keep us on the path. So, ladies, while you are away in cooler climes or sweating it out here in the summer, think of what committee you would like to join. Remember, you do not have to live here all year to be on a committee. Computers are wonderful things that help us communicate from anywhere in the world.

The 9-hole ladies league is one of the oldest leagues in IronOaks. As you have been reading in the column for the past few months, the league was started in 1982 by a group of ladies from Cottonwood. The league is 42 years old!

In 1999, the year I joined the league, a publication called Niner News was started. Standing rules were written, and the Lady Niners started posting scores on the Pro Shop computers. Do some of you remember that fiasco? Paula Ferguson, current president of our HOA board, was president of the ladies 9-hole league in 1999. Paula came to IronOaks to learn how to play golf when she retired from teaching, plus more, in Illinois. She met her longtime friend Josephine Williams, our oldest member, who is 103 years old. Paula told me that Jo was very influential in developing her love of golf and her game.

In the year 2000, the Constitution and By Laws were written and passed by the membership. Golf clinics were offered, and after-golf socials started on the Poolside patio.

In 2001 our invitational expanded to two courses, the Niners won the State Medallion, and a double shotgun was initiated to accommodate the 160 members.

We hope all of you who leave for Canada or your homes in other states at this time of year have a great summer, and we hope to see you all in the fall.