Oakwood Lady Niners Golf League

Pictured are Laurie Olsen and Norma Stallings playing golf in Logan, Utah. It looks like they were having a great time, but they always have a great time, and their smiles and laughter are contagious!

Reggie Wegman

There has been so much said about the heat and the records that were broken that we don’t have to belabor the point, so let’s move on.

In 2002 a Buddy chairman was appointed to introduce the newest golfers to our league. The Buddy would explain our local rules and some of the games we play. We helped the newbies find their way around the courses and point out the drop zones for water balls. It was a terrific way to get to know each other. At that time, there were no league books, and we signed up for golf by phone. It was not an easy process.

Also that year, the league was 20 years old (1982-2002). It was celebrated with a Platinum Playoff. We have been a league for more than 40 years. Hooray for us!

We all look forward to starting the season again. Until then, stay well and enjoy every day.