Oakwood Lady Niners Golf League

2020 Club Champion Joyce Parker and low net winner Pam Matassarin

2020 Club Champion Joyce Parker and low net winner Pam Matassarin

Reggie Wegman

Welcome to our newest member Ginger Wilson and our returning member Dottie Holme. We hope you enjoy your golf and meeting our terrific seasoned members. After golf, some days we enjoy lunch or a coffee on the patio of Stone & Barrel. We are socially distanced but are still able to have a laugh or two over our game. Please join us! If anyone is interested in our league, please email me at [email protected]. Applications are available in the Golf Club on the Oakwood Lady Niners Golf League (OLNGA) pin board.

Every year, our league hosts two competitions. The Club Champion is a gross game, and the Jo Williams Cup is a net game. Joyce Parker is the 2020 Club Champion. Joyce has been with our league many years and has served on many committees. Those of us who have had the pleasure of playing with her know why she is the Club Champ. She is little, but she is mighty!

The 2020 low net winner is Pam Matassarin. Pam is only with us for two years but has stepped right up and is chairing the Scoring Committee. She is a natural athlete and is a proud participant of the NYC Marathon. The low net championship is the Jo Williams Cup. Most of you remember one of our founding members, our wonderful “Jo.” She now lives out of state with her family. Since she is over 100 years old, she needs a little help from time to time. She was an inspiration for all of us. She still played, up until she was 95.

Please offer your congratulations to the winners when you see them.

Most ladies like to putt from off the green instead of chipping the ball. If you want to putt your ball and there are sprinkler heads or a drainage grate within two club lengths from the green and your ball is within two club lengths of those obstructions, you may move your ball laterally one club length to either side, but no closer to the hole, without a penalty. You should declare your actions to your team members.

Judy Hedding is our rules chair and sent out a very understandable description of Rules 19.2 and 19.3. It was sent out in an email to all of us on Feb. 4. Check your email for it.

Remember, we are a very social league but we do follow all the rules of golf.

We have had many winners over the past two months. You may have some chits in your account at the Golf Shop.

Please stay safe and continue to wear your masks, social distance, and wash, wash, wash—even if you have gotten both doses of the vaccine.