Oakwood Lady Niners Golf League

As you can see by all the long pants and jackets, our cool weather has arrived. The ladies of the Oakwood Ladies Nine-Hole League are geared up to play in our winter weather.

Reggie Wegman

Welcome to our new members Anne, Sharon, Patty, Denise, Mary Ann, Connie, Cathy, Dianna, Joni, and Robin and our new social gal Sheila. Some of these ladies are returning members. We hope you enjoy being with a great bunch of ladies, and remember to stop and have lunch with us after golf. Before we start golf on Tuesdays, we have a short meeting with our president Karen. Many Tuesdays, our Rules chair Judy, talks about a rule and demonstrates the proper way to handle that rule.

Please be careful at the 9th green of the Sonoran if your ball lands in or near the water’s edge. There is a very steep slope at the left side of that green, and with the wet grass, it can be very slippery. Please be aware and stay safe.

Have you ever had a day of, “Why do I play this silly game anyway?” Well, golf is more than running around after a little white, pink, green, or red ball on a golf course. We all want to play well and have some great shots that keep us coming back for another round, but golf is also about the friendships we develop during our days of golf. Many of us have suffered hardships that we have shared with our golfing friends. We have supported each other through sicknesses of our family members and deaths of our spouses and loved ones throughout the year. Some of our members have suffered catastrophic events, which, when shared, are easier to handle. The love and care extended to our fellow golfers has been an inspiration to all of us.

Our new slate of officers may need some help in the coming months. If asked, please step up and volunteer to help out in any way you can.