Oakwood Lady Niners Golf League – Playday Results

Tuny O’Rourke, chair of birdies and chip-ins

Reggie Wegman

Welcome spring! Remember, ladies, this is the time of year that we need to hydrate while playing golf.

Over the past year, we have had many fantastic chip-ins and birdies. The list includes the following:

Colleen Duke and Karen Graves had three chip-ins and Cora Levensky, Rachel Enloe, Joyce Parker, Lisa Mitchell, Julie Collier, Fran Kelly, Norma Stallings, Gail Wilder, Kathy Siegrist, Molly Bergerson, Ginger Wilson, Barb Stewart, and Tuny O’Rourke all had one.

Pam Matassarin and Shirley Moore had two birdies, while all these ladies had one: Judy Alldredge, Rachel Enloe, Karen Graves, Cora Levensky, Fran Kelly, Reggie Wegman, Tuny O’Rourke, Jenna Hall, Norma Stallings, and Mary Evans.

Congratulations! You will be receiving a birdie pin and ribbon if this is your first one for this past year. You can attach your pins to the green and white striped ribbons our crafty Kathy made for our league.

Thanks to our special Tuny O’Rourke for keeping the records for birdies and chip-ins for years without one complaint! She is fantastic, and when you see Tuny, give her a great big thank you! Tuny is from Minnesota and is a winter visitor. She has been here 17 years and loves Sun Lakes. Some of the best things Tuny believes are the easy maintenance, senior activities, learning new things, and making new friends from all over the country. Tuny is a very proud grandmother of eight girls and one boy.

If you have any rules questions, please send a note to Judy Hedding, our rules chair. Judy has been going over a rule at almost every pre-game meeting. Some of them seem to still confuse us when out on the course. You can always note on the scorecard if you have a problem with a rule and ask the pro when you return to the shop.

Our president Pam Matassarin is encouraging all of us who have forgotten to sign up for golf on Chelsea to use the Add/Cancel line from noon on Friday until noon on Sunday. After those hours, please call the Pro Shop to be added for the next Tuesday golf game if there is a spot open. If you take a chance and present yourself the morning of golf, you will be added if there is a spot, but you will not be eligible for chits. The pairings for the weekly game are difficult enough without late calls.

The Add/Cancel line is 480-317-3605, Option 3.