Oakwood Lady Niners News

Susan Meer

Oakwood Lady Niners celebrated St. Paddy’s Day “A Wee Bit Early” on March 3 by holding a special golf day of wearing the Green and donating proceeds of raffle ticket sales to Neighbors Who Care. Members played a scramble game followed by a traditional Irish luncheon of corned beef and cabbage at the Poolside Café.

Members who had chip-in and birdies since the December meeting were recognized at the luncheon. Chip-in winners were: Kathy Pfeffer – Sonoran #3 and Lakes #1, Joyce Parker – Sonoran #3, Rose Anne Rinderknecht – Palms #3, Ila Kraayenbrink – Palms #9, Judy Alldredge – Sonoran #8, Janet Littlefield – Lakes #5, Barb Collier – Sonoran #4, Barb Johnson – Palms #8, Laurie Olsen – Sonoran #6.

Birdie winners were: Colleen Dude – Sonoran #8, Judy Alldredge – Sonoran #8, Joyce Parker – Sonoran #3, Barbara Stewart- Palms #7.

The following are the winners for February play:

Feb. 4 was cancelled due to rain.

Feb. 11 – Flight 1: 1st Linda Liberty, 2nd Judy Alldredge, 3rd Barbara Collier, 4th Pam Matassarin; Flight 2: 1st Georgeanne Bell, 2nd Judy Hedding, 3rd Laurie Olsen, 4th Regina Wegman; Flight 3: 1st (tie) Gail Wilder and Lynn Matassarin, 2nd Rachel Enloe.

Feb. 18 – Closest to the pin: Ila Kraayenbrink. Flight 1: 1st Cora Lathom-Levensky, 2nd Pam Matassarin, 3rd Ila Kraayenbrink and Bonnie Tasch; Flight 2: 1st Darla McCracken, 2nd Barbara Stewart, 3rd Laurie Olsen, 4th (tie) Nancy Lienenbrugger, Erika Tiepel, Karen Gonzales, and Suzanne Garretson; Flight 3: 1st Rachel Enloe, 2nd Lynn Matassarin, 3rd (tie) Patty Partridge, Sheila Bossio, and Carol Wilcox.

On Feb. 25, a team scramble was held. Team winners were: #1 Ila Kraayenbrink, Linda Liberty, Suzanne Garretson, and Linda Hess; #2 Joyce Parker, Janet Littlefield, Barbara Stewart, and Hazel Ludwig; #3 Christine Berney, Virginal Faulkner, Judy Hedding, and Carol Wilcox; #4 Pam Matassarin, Darla McCracken, Susan Meer, and Colleen Duke.