Oakwood Lady Niners visit Cottonwood

Lady Niners’ pre-game briefing at Cottonwood

Lady Niners’ pre-game briefing at Cottonwood

Ann Rounthwaite

The Oakwood Lady Niners is a friendly, supportive group of women who enjoy playing golf without pressure and socializing with other members over lunch after weekly golf games. We welcome golfers of all abilities, including novice golfers interested in improving their game while learning golf rules and etiquette in a fun-filled environment. We offer the GEMS option for those who want to tee off at the 150 yard marker and play into the pin. Playing on Tuesday mornings in a shotgun format, we can often finish in two hours or just a little longer. The start time varies with the season. For more information or to try us out, call Barbara Stewart at 480-883-3008.

February and March kept OLNGA members busy with golf and social events. Highlights were the very successful member/guest day on March 10 and the opportunity to play the front nine at the Cottonwood Country Club with the Cottonwood Lady Niners on March 5. It was a treat to play the neighboring course, to meet other Sun Lakes golfers, and to chat with them on the Cottonwood Grill’s poolside patio afterwards. We look forward to hosting Cottonwood Niners at Oakwood on April 14. OLNGA President Julie Schneider, who is also a member of the Cottonwood Niners, deserves credit for bringing the two groups together.

Each spring, four OLNGA games count towards the Arizona Women’s Golf Association State Medallion competition. Each golfer’s two best scores in these games are used to select two low net and two low gross winners who represent the club at the State Medallion tournament the next January. Qualifying games this year are those played on January 27, February 17, March 17 and 31.

2/10. Low Net – Palms – Flight 1: 1st Mary Jane Coking, 2nd Bev Isley, 3rd Phyllis Madison third; Flight 2: 1st Bea Cannon, 2nd Nancy Heberling, 3rd Pat Stead and Susie Cook; Flight 3: 1st Susan Meer, 2nd Julia Collier and Marcy Griffith, 3rd Colleen Duke; Silver Tees: Clarisse Zorns

2/17. Field Shots – Sonoran – Flight 1: 1st Cora Lathom-Levensky, 2nd Betty Perry, 3rd Phyllis Madison; Flight 2: 1st Georgann Bell, 2nd Marcy Griffith, 3rd Barbara Stewart and Julie Schneider; Flight 3: 1st Colleen Duke, 2nd Ursula Bird, 3rd Edna Joss

2/24. Low Net – Lakes – Flight 1: 1st Phyllis Madison, 2nd Bev Isley and Cora Lathom-Levensky, 3rd Pat Stead and Betty Perry; Flight 2: 1st Helen Semple, 2nd Julie Schneider, 3rd Tuny O’Rorke, Patty Partridge and Judy Hedding; Flight 3: 1st Edna Joss and Fran Schuring, 2nd Ann Rounthwaite, 3rd Rachel Enloe third

3/03. Scramble – Palms – 1st Marcy Griffith, Karen Kenyon, Betty Perry and Marian Greer tying Cora Lathom-Levensky, Pat Stead, Kay Blas, and Susan Meer; 2nd Dottie Mead, Helen Semple, Edna Joss and M.J. Coking tying Sharon Gale, Fran Schuring, Connie Luther and Kathy Serold, 3rd Suevonne Negaard, Nancy Heberling, Patty Partridge and Ann Rounthwaite