Oakwood Lady Niners winter and spring events

Vice President Pat Stead, President Margaret Johns and Sharon Gale

Vice President Pat Stead, President Margaret Johns and Sharon Gale

Eileen “Molly” Bergesen

OLNGA celebrated Valentine’s Day morning with No. 2 Club Championship on the Palms. It was a beautiful morning to hit the links, and members did very well on the course that day.

On Flight #1, first place went to Fran Kelly, followed by Anne Carlson second and Cora Lathom-Levenski in third. Flight #2 had a tie for first place between Phyllis Madison and Linda Libert;, three tied for second – Georgeann Bell, Helen Semple and Pat Stead – with Leslie Pettis in third. Flight #3 was led by Karen Kenyon in first, Marcy Griffith in second, with three members tying for third – Sheila Bossio, Judy Hedding and JoAnn Zewerekh.

After a weekend of rain, the OLNGA members welcomed a sunny day for golf on February 21. We played net on the “odd” holes. Flight #1 had Ila Kraayenbrink and Cora Lathom-Levensky coming in first, followed by Fran Kelly and Mary Medved – Kathy Chebuhar was third. Flight #2 again had a tie for first place with Pat Stead and Deborah Greenwood, followed by Helen Semple and Margaret Johns in second, with Georgeann Bell coming in third. Flight #3 had Suevonne Negaard in first place, with Sheila Bossio and Edna Joss in second and Annette Carrington and Patty Partridge in third.

On February 28, the “Jo Williams No. 2” event was held under cloudy skies, but that didn’t preclude good scores from being posted. Flight #1 had Cora Lathom-Levensky and Sandy Krediet in first, followed by Joyce Parker in second and Nancy Heberling in third. Flight #2 had Judy Hedding in first, with Margaret Johns and Phyllis Madison in second and Helen Semple and Tuny O’Rourke in third. Leslie Pettis was first in Flight #3, followed by Denise Lott in second with Edna Joss in third.

The OLNGA Member/Guest “Putting on the Ritz” tournament was March 7. Members/guests all looked “just fabulous” in their bling! Seventy-two golf participants with 19 more for lunch — a great day was had by all! Thanks to all who made/donated/helped with the 32 “themed” baskets that were raffled off. Space constraints preclude naming all who contributed, but a Big Thanks. Proceeds from raffle sales went to Ryan House, which provides respite care for families with special needs children. Winners from the Lakes were 1st J. Parker, C. Weitzel, I.Kraayenbrink and S. Utzinger; 2nd went to L. Anglo, L. Hagemeister, M. Griffith and L. Bernadelli; 3rd to G. Bell, J. Jarrie, S. Negaard and M. Ruddy. Sonoran winners: 1st M. Bergesen, S. Bilow, H. Semple and E. Osborn; 2nd place was F. Kelly, P. Lee, S. Meer and D. McCracken; 3rd S. Malick. C. Tin-Moore, D. Fleshner, B.Johnston.

Tip of the Month: Don’t pay attention to the group behind you, keep up with the group ahead of you!

As a new member of OLNGA, Margaret Johns convinced/coerced me to take over the reins from Ann Rounthwaite. I will give this writing articles for the Splash a try; please bear with me, as this certainly isn’t my forté.