Oakwood Mens Niners Results

Jim Wegman, Publicity

It is my sad duty to report the passing of David Peters, a longtime and active member from 2004 to 2022, when health problems kept him off the course. David was a former president of the Niners, serving 2013-2014. Most of all, David was a good guy and fun to have in a foursome—what you might call a “good stick” to have on your team. David was also active in the community and served as an HOA board member and president of the board. To his wife Lillian and the members of the Peters family, we offer our deepest condolences on David’s passing.

The Niners are a growing league. We have four new members and a returning member this month: Paul Baker, Alan Aken, Rowin Flowth, Arvind Phukan, and Mike Kozak and a former website manager. Welcome to the Niners, gentlemen.

Annual Luncheon: March 6 at the Oakwood clubhouse

Winners: 12/7/23 Low Gross Lakes. Flight 1: 1st Bob Clark; 2nd Terry Simmons; 3rd (tie) Joe D’Amore, John Deiter; 5th Jim Campbell; Flight 2: 1st Tom Walker; 2nd Jack Baur; 3rd Lou Blas; 4th Bill Stoutenberg; 5th (tie) Neil Anderson, John Schuler; Flight 3: 1st Paul Wilde; 2nd (tie) Tom Graves, Stan Posey; 4th (tie) Jack Cameron, Rich Gihring; Flight 4: (4-way tie) John Gaudioso, Steve Touchstone, Bruce Vantine, Bill Whitely; 5th (tie) Dennis Clark, Jim Dawson; KPs: #2 Greg Gustafson, Bob Clark; #6 Neil Anderson, Erich Tiepel

12/14/23 Team Stableford Palms. 1st (tie) Bob Pender, Jim Wegman, Larry Schuller, Bill McConnell/Bill Pender, Bob Clark, Jordy Primack, Ted Piotrowski; 3rd Jonathan Russell, Gary Russell, Peter Gerdik; 4th Jerry Richards, Mark Bernier, Greg Wells, Dennis Clark; 5th (tie) Jack Baur, Jack Cameron, Mike Partridge/Erich Tiepel, Tom Bleier, Pete Stein, Ray Greenbush; 7th Terry Simmons, Lou Blas, Jim Janowski, Jim Dawson; KPs: #4 Jack Baur, Dennis Clark; #7 Ron Rudzinski, Jim Wegman

12/21/23 Individual Stableford Sonoran. Flight 1: 1st Ron Rudzinski; 2nd Bob Gresen; 3rd Bob Pender; 4th (3-way tie) Bob Clark, Jon Deiter, Bill Pender; Flight 2: 1st Jim Wegman; 2nd Butch Bosselli; 3rd Neil Anderson; 4th Bill Stoutenberg; Flight 3: 1st Stan Posey; 2nd Jim Janowski; 3rd Mike Partridge; 4th Greg Wells; Flight 4: 1st Bill McConnell; 2nd Peter Gerdik; 3rd Pete Stein; 4th (3-way tie) Alan Aken, Ray Greenbush, Ted Piotrowski; KPs: #3 Steve Touchstone, Bob Clark; #8 Bob Pender, Pete Stein

12/28/23 1 Best Gross 1 Best Ball Net Lakes. 1st Erich Tiepel, Paul Wilde, Tim Piotrowski; 2nd Bob Pender, Butch Bosselli, Bruce Vantine, Alen Aken; 3rd (tie) Bill Pender, Jack Baur, Pete Stein, Jim Daleo/Bob Clark, Lou Blas, Jim Dawson; 5th (tie) Jon Deiter, Jordy Primack, Mike Partridge, Ray Greenbush/Richard Russell, Ed Anderson, Peter Gerdik, Bill Whitely; KPs: #2 Mike Partridge, Erich Tiepel; #6 Butch Bosselli, Bob Clark