Oasis Park vs Sisk Park Bocce Tournament results

Ellen Williams

On Friday, February 3, Oasis Park hosted the Sisk Park vs. Sun Lakes Oasis Bocce Tournament. Each park was represented by four teams for this fun and yet competitive annual tournament.

Each match was played for up to 75 minutes of play. Each team played two or three matches against opponents in a double-elimination format. The winner of the match was advanced to the next session to continue playing. This year’s winning team was from Sisk Park (Maria and Tony Racano playing with Maggie and Les Klingberg). The second place team was also from Sisk Park (Joe and Sharon Fratiello paired with Marie Symanski and Joe Dalsanders). The third place was from the Oasis Park (Carol Anderson, Val Fazio, Ann Galleger and Zelma Zait). We also had five more teams providing stiff competition, so things were very exciting. A wonderful lunch was hosted by Dee Moore and Tony Norton. The luncheon was organized by Ann Hegney and her team.

This year’s tournament director was Ellen Williams. The Sisk Park Coordinator was Susan Donovan. Both Sisk Park and Oasis Park are looking forward to a great time in 2018 at the Sisk Park bocce courts.