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Pam Matassarin

Reggie Wegman

The new year has blown in with a cold blast … BRRR. It’s so much fun to see our gals all dressed up in jackets, hats, and gloves. It may be a good thing to buy another glove for your exposed hand with your chits. And all those extra garments are a good excuse for a bad game. Of course, those from cooler climates think this is balmy.

The State Medallion was held on our courses. Cora Levensky, low gross, and Judy Aldridge, low net, represented us at the tournament on the Sonoran Course. Thank you, ladies, for your participation and game.

Welcome to all our new members. We hope you enjoy your days with us and join us for a meal after golf. We have a standing reservation at Stone & Barrel for an after-golf get-together.

Remember, we do not have to circle our scores if we pick up. You will be considered for chits from now on, because Net Double Bogey golf allows for that.

If you have played golf with us in the past and are no longer playing but would like to join us for our luncheons, just call our new president Pam Matassarin and let her know. We would love to have you there with us. You just would pay for the luncheon and no other fee.

Pam Matassarin is our new president. She graciously volunteered for the job. Let’s all help make her job easier by helping out with some committees.

Pam moved to Sun Lakes three years ago. She was born and raised in Elkhart, Ind. As a long-distance runner, she has raced in many marathons, including the big one in New York City. Pam attended ASU where she earned her degree in education. She met Lynn in Mesa while coaching a girls basketball team. They have been together for 37 years. Pam and Lynn lived in California and taught there. While looking to find a retirement home, Sun Lakes was chosen above many other communities in Arizona. In the summer, they escape to their cabin in Overgaard. Pam feels they made the best possible choice in IronOaks and loves living on the golf course. She is looking forward to leading our group for the next year.

As president, she hopes to make it easier for our members to earn chits. She would like to make playing golf a fun and happy experience for our seasoned members and all of our new golfers. Thank you, Pam, for stepping up and taking on the position of president of the Oakwood Lady Niners.