OLGA Continues to Have Good Player Turnouts

Fran Morin's hole-in-one

Fran Morin’s hole-in-one

Kathy Burns

Oakwood Ladies Golf Association (OLGA) continues to have a good turnout of players on Tuesdays, and many women have been winning money. On April 13 the POD was T.E.N.s, and 25 of the 56 players won. In Flight 1, the winner was Mary Perry. Tied for second were Leslie Smith and Cindy Reinertsen. There was a three-way tie for fourth of Barbara Arakelian, Glo Malmberg, and Eun Yoon; Flight 2: 1st Anne Annis, 2nd Susie Lynch, 3rd (5-way tie) Dolly Eide, Carole Schmidt, Julie Hastings, Stephanie Raach, and Mary Donlea; Flight 3: 1st Linda Thrash, 2nd: Holley Ritter, 3rd (tie) Julie Clausen and Linda Morris; Flight 4: 1st (tie) Susie La Salvia and Doris Swanson, 3rd (tie) Janey Garibay, Sharon Skoworn, and Eleanor McCann; Flight 5: 1st (3-way tie) Mary Buhrt, Vicki Carmichael, and JoAnn Zerwekh

The par 3s and par 5s were the holes that counted on April 20. Flight 1: 1st (3-way tie) Sue Peterson, Eun Yoon, and Peggy Cooper; Flight 2: 1st (tie) Shirley Weaver and Leanne Durham, 3rd Susie Lynch; Flight 3: 1st Fran Morin, 2nd (tie) Linda Thrash, Karen Stock, Judy Kirschenbaum; Flight 4: 1st Susan La Salvia, 2nd Joan Lauer, 3rd Doris Swanson; Flight 5: 1st Mary Buhrt, 2nd (tie) Jan Skibo, Janey Garibay, and Pamela Powers

The always popular “Beat the Pro” was on April 27. Eddy shot 75, so there were 15 players who got cash for playing well. They were Shirley Weaver, Fran Morin, Barbara Arakelian, Jan Skibo, Julie Hastings, Mary Perry, Debbie Dubie, Mary Dyrseth, Janey Garibay, Dessa Hutchins, Betty Lauer, B.J. Schuller, Karen Stock, Eun Yoon, and Julie Clausen. It was a special celebration for Fran Morin who scored an Ace on #3 Sonoran. Congratulations to her!

On May 4, the POD was Low Net. Flight 1: 1st (tie) Eun Yoon and Barbara Arakelian, 3rd (tie) Peggy Cooper and Glo Malmberg; Flight 2: 1st Kay Lehmkuhl, 2nd (tie) Colleen Ritter and Nancy Cohn; Flight 3: 1st Karen Stock, 2nd Kathy Burns, 3rd Susan La Salvia; Flight 4: 1st Pat Schepp, 2nd Eleanor McCann, 3rd (tie) Dessa Hutchins and Janey Garibay. It was the first day of the Eclectic Tournament, and those results will be included in next month’s Splash.