OLGA is in full swing


Carol Smith

This year started with some fun play days.

We are hosting the entire State Medallion tournament. Dari Akins and E.J. Yoon are representing OLGA in the tournament. Results are not in yet.

Our OLGA Cup tournament (low net champion) began January 23 and 30 and finishes February 5. It is an exciting tournament.

We have our 2018 OLGA Charity tournament February 20. AZCEND (formerly Chandler food bank) is our charity this year. They give assistance to our local community by helping to feed Chandler’s children and seniors. Hope you can all come out and support this charity and have a fun play day. Check your email for further details.

Results for our play days:

Sweet and Sour 12/19/17 – Flight 1: 1st Lois Foerster, 2nd EJ Yoon, 3rd (tie) Glo Malmberg and Anne Annis; Flight 2: 1st Dang Teater, 2nd Judy Kirschenbaum, 3rd Kathy Schnell; Flight 3: 1st (tie) Diane Ehrhart, Carol Smith, Doris Swanson; Flight 4: 1st Sue Richmond, 2nd (tie) Fay Mcintyre and Barbara Klemstine

Christmas Wish 12/26/17 – Flight 1: 1st (tie) Cathi Pospisil, Mary Dyrseth, Judy Darnell, Lois Foerster and Dari Akin; Flight 2: 1st Dang Teater, 2nd Linda Meisinger; Flight 3: 1st Beth Ebmeier, 2nd (tie) Julie Hastings, Doris Swanson and Pat Schepp; Flight 4: 1st (tie) Mary Spargo and Betty Wolfmeyer

First 4/Last 5 1/2/18 – 1st (tie) Sharon Bowditch, Eleanor McCann, Carol Smith, Betty Wolfmeyer and the team of Mary Dyrseth, Susie Lynch, Doris Swanson and Sue Richmond

Hope to see you all on the links soon.