OLGA league results

Ruth Rees, Publicity

The number of OLGA members decreases dramatically during the summer, increasing the odds for those who brave the heat and come out to play. Some weeks, as few as 14 or 15 play, but now that the weather is moderating toward perfect, the numbers are resuming toward the mid-winter highs. It’s always a congenial group, although sometimes, depending on the results, some sip their beverages with a bit of grumpiness at how many balls roll off the fairway, and how many putts don’t fall in the hole! Still, that’s golf, the game we love to play, but never seem to conquer completely.

9/13. Low Net (also a State Medallion day) – Flight 1: 1st Shirley Weaver, 2nd (tie) Glo Malmberg, Mary Dyrseth and B.J. Schuller; Flight 2: 1st Beth Ebmeier, 2nd (tie) Barbara Denapoli, Judy Cody and Linda Thrash

9/20. Back Nine – Flight 1: 1st B.J. Schuller, 2nd Debbie Horner, 3rd Eleanor McCann

9/27. Flight 1: 1st Rita Mabry, 2nd, Mary Dyrseth, 3rd Shirley Weaver; Flight 2: 1st Eleanor McCann, 2nd (tie) Pat Shepp and Beth Ebmeier

10/04. Beat the Pro – 10 ladies managed to beat our pro, Eddie Renio, who last played golf in May or June (so they caught him rusty but still good). Winners were Mary Dryseth, Beth Ebmeier, Deb Foster, Eleanor McCann, Deb Horner, Colleen Ritter, B.J. Schuller, Candy Watkinson, Judi Sloan and Shirley Weaver.

Shall we call them our “almost pro” ladies? Congratulations, all.