OLGA May results

Robin Thomas gets a hole-in-one on May 11 on Palms-7!

Robin Thomas gets a hole-in-one on May 11 on Palms-7!

Glo Malmberg, Publicity

The spring weather was exceptionally nice and the course activities slowed tremendously, as most golfers have gone to cooler climates. It is a great time to sharpen our game, as there is lots of room on the practice range.

OLGA’s Tuesday league play has moved to earlier start times for the summer months. The morning shotgun changed to 7:00 a.m. for June, July and August. For those wanting to play a little later, OLGA has a second shotgun at 9:30 a.m.

A big congratulation goes out to Robin Thomas on getting her third hole-in-one on May 11 on the Palms-7. Way to go Robin!

The reformation of the Lakes course has begun and we look forward to it reopening when all the courses reopen after the October over-seeding.

May event winners:

4/28 and 5/5. Eclectic Round 1 and Round 2 – Flight 1: 1st Glo Malmberg, 2nd Dari Akin, 3rd Mary Figgis; Flight 2: 1st Carol Russell, 2nd (tie) Shirley Read, Pat Schepp and Doris Swanson; Flight 3: 1st Anne Hughes, 2nd Marcella Brown, 3rd Jimmie Maramonte

5/12. Three Blind Mice – Flight 1: 1st (tie) Glo Malmberg, Pat Mattz, Linda Meisinger and Judi Sloan; Flight 2 1st Diane Ehrhardt, 2nd Pat Schepp, 3rd Judy Kirschenbaum; Flight 3 1st (tie) Marcella Brown, Mary Ann Kletzien, 3rd Liz Pritchard

5/19. Member/Member – Flight 1: 1st Pat Mattz with a blind draw, 2nd Linda Thrash and Shirley Weaver; Flight 2: 1st Kathy Burns and Joann Rebillard, 2nd Sandra Knight and Mary Ann Kletzien, 3rd (tie) Karen Beltz with Jimmie Maramonte and Marilyn Morgan with Sharon Snyder

5/26. Most Net Pars or Better – Flight 1: 1st Shirley Weaver, 2nd Bev Lutes, 3rd (tie) Pat Mattz and Linda Thrash; Flight 2: 1st (tie) Jimmie Maramonte and Pat Schepp, 3rd Nancy Annen

Do You Remember – On July 9, 1996 Francis Holland won Low Net (over the entire field).