The lovely ladies in the picture are the final four in the Championship flight just completing their last round. They are (left to right) Sharon Bowditch, second place; Dari Akin, third place; Christa Pensworth, Club Champion; and Dang Teater, first place.

OLGA wrapped up the final round of the three-week Club Championship on Feb. 22. Christa Pensworth is the 2024 OLGA Club Champion. Congratulations, Christa! Dang Teater came in first place, Sharon Bowditch came in second place, and Dari Akin came in third place. There was only a three-stroke difference between the Champion and third place. Whew! Talk about clutch play.

Flight 2 winners were Roslyn Hoiby in first, Lorraine Blair in second, and Janet Barnett in third. OMG! There was only a one-stoke difference in these scores. Oh, those putts they wish they would have made!

Flight 3 winners were Judi Walker in first, Tammy Bailey in second, and Nancy Cohn in third.

Silver Flight 1 winners were Shirley Weaver in first, Linda Thrash in second, and Kay Lehmkuhl in third.

Silver Flight 2 winners were Pat Shepp in first, Janey Garibay in second, and Doris Swanson in third.

And so ends the 2024 OLGA Club Championship. Congratulations to all the winners, and better luck next year for everyone else.

On March 28 OLGA played in the Lads and Lassies event with the dudes from MOGA.

Look for more important OLGA news next month.