Pictured are many OLGA members enjoying their lunch on the celebration patio. Eddy is most likely giving them golf tips as they enjoy their lunches.

The game of the day on April 23 was Beat the Pro. Poor Eddy, who hardly ever gets to play 18 holes, had to play from the blue tees with a zero handicap. Still, Eddy shot a very respectable 76. The ladies played from yellow or silver tees, which allowed half the field to beat his 76 after subtracting their handicaps.

The only person who came close to Eddy’s gross score was Mary Figgis with a 77. Pretty impressive, since she just started playing again after a knee replacement.

At long last, the golf patio has been completed. Not sure about the lack of furniture. Hopefully, the furniture will be here soon. Here’s hoping it won’t take as long as the patio construction.

The game of the day for the next two weeks was Eclectic. The score is the better score on each hole over the two-week period. I know a few golfers, who shall remain nameless, who have plenty of holes on which to improve their scores. Unfortunately, the game isn’t how many strokes can you improve your total score over week one.

Look for more exciting OLGA news next month.