OLGA news

Carol Smith

We had a very busy month. We crowned a new Club Champion. Congratulations to EJ Yoon. The flight winners were Flight 1 Sharon Bowditch, Flight 2 Judy Darnell, Flight 3 Julie Hastings and Flight 4 Joann Rebillard. Congratulations to all the winners. It was a good three weeks of great golf.

Just finished a very fun and exciting two-day Member Guest. Rhinestone Cowgirls played a great game. We all had a very good time with the horserace and putting contest the night before. The big winners were members and their partners. Flight 1 member was Anne Annis, Flight 2 Pauline Boyd, Flight 3 Kay Lehmkuhl, Flight 4 Carole Schmidt, Flight 5 Doris Swanson and Flight 6 Carol Jones. Congratulations to all the Rhinestone Cowgirls who rode off to victory.

We held the PICO Tournament in April. It is always a good time to play with the other Sun Lakes clubs.

The fun continues all summer long for those who are brave enough to play. So if you are here in the summer, come and join the other brave girls. The tee times for the summer are shotguns at 7:30 a.m. and noon. Stay cool. I will be thinking of you from rainy Oregon. See you in the fall.