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Thomas O’Donohue, Mary Dyrseth, Debbie Horner, Spencer Snyder

Thomas O’Donohue, Mary Dyrseth, Debbie Horner, Spencer Snyder

Carol Smith

We had a very successful charity tournament. We raised $2,370 for the Fire Department. Thomas O’Donohue, Assistant Fire Marshal, and Spencer Snyder, Battalion Chief, received the check. They told us about all the new happenings at the Fire Department and answered our questions – very helpful.

The winners of the charity event were 1st place the team of Lois Forester, Dang Teater, Shirley Moore and Joann Rebillard; 2nd place the team of Judy Darnell, Stephanie Raach, Kathy Burns and Karen Fager; 3rd place the team of Cindy Reinerstsen, Suzie Lynch and Carol Jones.

The winners of the Front 4-Back 5 are Flight 1: 1st Mary Figgis tied with Sharon Bowditch; Flight 2: 1st Nancy Cohn and tied for 2nd was Dang Teater and Lois Foerster; Flight 3: 1st Kathy Schnell and 2nd Kathy Burns; Silver Flight: 1st (tie) Sue Richmond and Pat Schepp.

Winners of the Front Nine 2-5-19 Flight 1: 1st Mary Dyrseth, 2nd Roselyn Hoiby; Flight 2: 1st Shirley Weaver, 2nd (tie) BJ Schuller and Judy Kirschenaum; Flight 3: 1st Connie Hughes, 2nd (tie) Nancy Cohn and Sharon Skoworn; Silver Flight: 1st Jimmie Maramonte, 2nd Carol Smith.

We are in the middle of the club championship. The results will be in the next month’s issue. In March, we will be competing for the OLGA Cup which is a net tournament. Come on out and play for the Cup. It is a fun tournament and since it is a net tournament, we all have a chance to win.

In April is our Member Guest Tournament. The theme is Spring Training. This is the most fun tournament of the year, so grab a partner and join the fun. It starts on April 1, so sign up now.

See you on the links, hopefully, in warm sunshine.