OLGA news and results

Mary Dyrseth, winner of the State Medallion Tournament

E.J. Yoon, winner of the State Medallion Tournament

Carol Smith

We are all very proud of two ladies who represented OLGA in the State Medallion Tournament. E.J. Yoon and Mary Dyrseth won first place in their flight. That is quite an accomplishment.

Other winners in the Low Net plus Putts – Flight A: 1st Lois Foerster, 2nd E.J. Yoon, 3rd Anne Annis; Flight B: 1st Barbara Anderson, 2nd Carol Russell, 3rd B.J. Schuller; Flight C: 1st Debbie Horner, 2nd Julie Clausen, 3rd Phyllis D’Amore; Flight D: 1st Karen Fager, 2nd Leann Knox, 3rd Sharon Skoworn; Flight E: 1st Carol Smith, 2nd Sue Richmond, 3rd Jan Skibo

Winners of the Christmas Wish – Flight A: 1st Anne Annis, 2nd Mary Dryseth, 3rd E.J. Yoon; Flight B: 1st Karen Jensen, 2nd Pat Mattz, 3rd Shirley Weaver; Flight C: 1st Joann Rebillard, 2nd Karen Fager, 3rd Nancy Chon: Flight D: 1st Carol Jones, 2nd Doris Swanson, 3rd Pat Schepp

1-8-19 Low Net – Flight A: 1st E.J. Yoon, 2nd Cindy Reinertsen, 3rd Sharon Bowditch; Flight B: 1st Shirley Weaver, 2nd (tie) Pauline Boyd and Carol Russell; Flight C: 1st Pat Schepp, 2nd Fran Morin, 3rd Luann Barr

And new this year, the Silver Tees winners are 1st Jan Skibo and 2nd Shirley Moore.

Coming up this month is the Club Championship on the next three Tuesdays. Everyone is welcome to participate, but the Silver Tee players must play from the Orange tees for the tournament. Good luck to all you ladies.

See you on the course in the nice, warm sunshine, hopefully.