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OLGA Cup Champion Shirley Weaver

OLGA Cup Champion Shirley Weaver

January was a busy month for the OLGA Ladies with a three-week Low Net tournament for the OLGA Cup. The overall champion was Shirley Weaver. The flight winners were Flight l: 1st (tie) Mary Figgis and Sharon Bowdich, 3rd Anne Annis; Flight 2: 1st Pat Mattz, 2nd (tie) Barbara Anderson and Dari Akin; Flight 3: 1st Linda Thrash, 2nd Marlyn Morgan, 3rd Kathy Schnell; Flight 4: 1st Liz Pritchard, 2nd Nancy Annen, 3rd Eleanor McCann. We celebrated at a lovely luncheon at the Oakwood Ballroom.

February was our three-week gross Club Champion Tournament. Then on March 13-14, we have our fun Member Guest tournament, The Luck of the Irish. Wear some green and come and join us.

Other recent winners are January 24, Best 9 Net Holes, Flight 1: 1st Eun Yoon, 2nd Sharon Bowditch, 3rd Mary Figgis; Flight 2: 1st Barbara Anderson, 2nd Rita Mabry, 3rd Shirley Weaver; Flight 3: 1st Linda Thrash, 2nd (tie) Colleen Ritter, Shirley Read, Kay Lehmkuhl and Marilyn Morgan; Flight 4: 1st Eleanor Mc Cann, 2nd (tie) Judy Alldredge, Gail Moen, Robin Thomas and Karen Welker; Flight 5: 1st Nancy Annen, 2nd Barbara Klemstine, 3rd (tie) Liz Pritchard and Jimmie Maramonte.

January 31, Cha-Cha-Cha, 1st Anne Annis, Debbie Horner, Barbara Denapoli and Connie Hughes; 2nd Mary Dyrseth, Julie Hastings, Holley Ritter and Betty Wolfmeyer; 3rd Barbara Arakelian, Cheri Curtin, Doris Swanson and Barbara Klemstine.