OLGA News and Scores

Kathy Burns

Our numbers are few this summer because of the heat, but the quality of play is top notch. Our tournament chairman Mary Perry is keeping the enthusiasm in high gear for us to continue to participate. Thank you!

On July 13 POD was a criers tournament. In Flight 1, Eun Yoon was 1st, 2nd Leslie Smith, 3rd Barbara Arakelian. In Flight 2, the winner was Dessa Hutchins. Coming in 2nd was Phyllis D’Amore, and 3rd Pat Schepp.

On July 20 we played Mutt and Jeff. Flight 1 winner was Dang Teater. Tied for 2nd were Kathy Burns and Shirley Weaver. In Flight 2, the winner was Susan La Salvia. Tied for 2nd were Nancy Cohn and Phyllis D’Amore.

Low Net plus putts was the POD for July 27. Winner in Flight 1 was Kathy Burns. Dang Teater was 2nd. In a three-way tie for 3rd were Peggy Cooper, Shirley Weaver, and Mary Dyrseth. In Flight 2, Mary Buhrt won 1st place, 2nd was won by Linda Thrash, and 3rd was Nancy Cohn.

Nine Ghost Holes were picked by the computer for winners on Aug. 3. Flight 1 was won by Peggy Cooper, 2nd Eun Yoon, and 3rd Mary Perry. In Flight 2, the winner was Nancy Cohn, 2nd Pat Schepp, and 3rd Jane Garibay.

The play on August 10 was suspended because of inclement weather. We appreciate the rain. It helps to keep our golf course in good condition. We are looking forward to our winter visitors returning soon.