OLGA news and scores

Ruth Rees, Publicity

The OLGA ladies have started the after over seeding season with great enthusiasm. After the first play day in November, we had a pizza party. One aspect was to catch up on our lives during the past months. At the business meeting, we heard the recommended changes to the Constitution, Bylaws and Standing Rules, which were voted upon favorably. The nominating committee presented a proposed slate of officers for the OLGA 2016-17 Executive Board. President Jan Skibo, Vice President Colleen Ritter, Secretary Anne Annis and Treasurer Linda Meisinger were elected to lead OLGA in the coming year. They were installed during the holiday luncheon on December 13th.

Congratulations were offered to Mary Figgis and Beth Ebmeier who represented Oakwood in the AWGA State Medallion Tournament. That tournament, a tough one, was played at Pebble Creek.

Weekly results:

11/08. Scramble – 1st (tie) Lois Foerster, Marilyn Morgan, Pat Schepp and Karen Beltz; Debra Foster, Barbara Denapoli, Suzie Wiley and Jane Townsend; Shirley Weaver, Ruth Rees, Doris Swanson and Beth Ebmeier; Roselyn Hoiby, Dang Teater, Kathy Schnell and Kathy Burns – lots of excellence!

11/15. Cross Country – Flight 1: 1st Rita Mabry, 2nd (tie) Iris Pattie and Dari Akin, 3rd (tie) Lois Foerster and, Judi Sloan; Flight 2: 1st Judy Cody, 2nd Dang Teater, 3rd Julie Hastings; Flight 3: 1st Pat Schepp, 2nd Karen stock, 3rd Connie Harper; Flight 4: 1st Marcella Brown, 2nd Leslie Wadley, 3rd Beth Ebmeier; Flight 5: 1st Betty Schechter, 2nd Nancy Annen

12/6. Two Best Net Balls of the Foursome (team) – 1st Lois Foerster, Cheri Curtain, Doris Swanson and Norma Tucker, 2nd Sharon Bowditch, Phyllis D’Amore, Robin Thomas and Nancy Annen, 3rd Dang Teater, Pat Mattz, Ruth Rees, Jimmie Maramonte

The “goosinator” machine will be turned ON!