OLGA Recap

Kathy Burns

OLGA ladies league used only the odd holes for Play of Day on March 14. In Flight 1 Lynn Story was first, followed by Judy Darnell, Mary Perry, and Mary Figgis. In Flight 2 Barbara Anderson and Phyllis D’Amore tied for first, followed by Glo Malmberg, Sally Berreth, and Julie Hastings. Flight 3 was won by Terry Jung, followed by B.J. Schuller, Pat Schepp, and Ladonna Wheat. Susan LaSalvia won Flight 4, followed by Carole Schmidt, Joan Lauer, and Mary Buhrt. In Flight 5 Beth Ebmeier was the winner, followed by Fran Morin, Pam Shumard, Doris Swanson, and Sue Morkel. Flight 6 was won by Janey Garibay, followed by Jennifer Pender, Mary Ann Woodward, and Connie Hughes.

A successful and fun Member-Guest Beach Party was held on March 21. There were costumes galore, and lunch and prizes followed play. There were 128 teams and six flights. The winners in each flight were as follows: Flight 1: Glo Malmberg and Barbara Arakelian, Flight 2: Julie Hastings and Sue Saylor, Flight 3: Sandy Brandt and Vikki Schuumans, Flight 4: Sharon Ironside and Joan Seckels, Flight 5: Frankie Hatch and Joann Ratliff, Flight 6: Debra Dubie and Kathy Hope.

The annual OLGA/MOGA Lads and Lassies Tournament was on March 28. Eighteen foursomes participated, and six teams won money. In first place was Jim Wood, Tommy Dilorenzo, Karen Stock, and Dari Akin. Second place winners were Steve Engler, Kim Fliethman, Mary Perry, and Norma Tucker. In third place were Ron Reach, Michael Krol, Lynda Jones, and Jan Skibo. Fourth place winners were Doug Stodgel, Mike Hendricks, Sue Pederson, and Susan La Salvia. Fifth place was won by Brady Serold, Tim Rector, Peggy Cooper, and Sharon Skoworn. Sixth place winners were Ward Stone, Robert Olson, Colleen Ritter, and Kay Lehmkuhl.

Play on April 4 was the first day of PICO, taking place at Palo Verde and Oakwood. The second play day was on April 11, with total results to be announced in the next edition of the Splash.