OLGA Recap

The hot weather seemed to be the main topic of conversation in August. Many heat-loving ladies continued to play each Tuesday. On Aug. 15 the POD was a surprise! It was evens, and in Flight 1 Dari Akin and Glo Malmberg took first place honors, followed by Dang Teater and Mary Dyrseth. In Flight 2 the winner was Phyllis d’Amore. Pat Schepp was second, followed by Terry Jung, Mary Buhrt, Frankie Hatch, and Linda Thrash.

The best nine holes was the POD for Aug. 22. Peggy Cooper took top honors, Glo Malmberg was second, and Sue Pederson was third, followed by Dang Teater, Leslie Smith, Dari Akin, and Debbie Horner. The Flight 2 winner was Phyllis D’Amore, second was Beth Ebmeier, third was Jean Karich, and fourth was Julie Hastings. Pat Schepp and Frankie Hatch tied for first in Flight 3, and Jennifer Pender was third.

All the odd holes counted on Aug. 29. Nancy Cohn and Dang Teater tied for first in Flight 1. In Flight 2 Joni Hiller was first and Frankie Hatch was second.

The surprise game on Sept. 5 was Low Net. Peggy Cooper, Dari Akin, and Mary Dyrseth took the top honors in Flight 1. In Flight 2 Linda Thrash, Phyllis D’Amore, and Beth Ebmeier were the winners. The Flight 3 winner was Nancy Cohn, followed by Sherry Rogers, Stephanie Raach, and Joann Rebillard.

Overseeding begins in September. Looking forward to cooler days ahead!